Was It All A Dream?


                                    Was It All a Dream?

Eighteen months have come and gone was it all a dream?
Trying so hard to not forget my mission experience Supreme!

My call to serve in the Caribbean was thrilling and desired
The Kingston Jamaican Mission humble and inspired.

The MTC was peculiar a bit lonely from the start.
By faith, prayer, study and friends it forever changed my heart!

Rhaatid the island was buzzing Jamaicans warm and bashy.
Called to us repeatedly loud, brazen and sassy!

Above the noise and chaos Heavenly Father helped me find
Lost, depressed and lonely souls to teach and help refine.

Through wind, rain and fryah’ heat I did persevere.
Seeking my Jamaican friends I promised to find there.

Oh how sweet the joy a repentant soul did bring.
Following the Savior being baptized and washed clean.

So many amazing experiences I ponder as I depart.
The people, food and culture forever imprinted on my heart!



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