Week #78 Wasn’t General Conference Amazing?


This week was pretty amazing. First on Wednesday we had zone meeting! It was different getting to zone meeting then my previous areas. All my other areas I have had a car, this area I don’t. We had to take a bus to Mandeville. Man, all I can say is I am glad I got put in the front. They put so many people in the vans, it’s like sardines! Of course we got spiritually fed while at the meeting! We talked about conquering fears as well as seeing our progressing investigators every single day. Difficult but doable! I also gave my final testimony… A thing in our mission is for missionaries leaving they give their testimony at the last zone meeting! That was weird… Haha! Hopefully I said something that would help my missionaries! And I got to see SISTER JENKINS! I knew her before her mission when I was serving in Montego Bay! Now she is on her mission in her first area, Hopeton, being trained by one of my previous companions, Sister Bogle. Sister Jenkins was so happy to see me! It was so amazing to see her 🙂 I love her sooo much! On the way home we road with the other set of sisters and the elders. We decided to conquer our fears and sing hymns. So after a while of riding we decided to start singing. The driver turned down the music and we sang hymns! It was cool!

This weekend was GENERAL CONFERENCE! Man, it was so amazing! I have so many favorite talks, they were all good! It made me want to go become a best friend with refugees! I loved Elder Hallstorm’s talk. We say so often that we are a child of God but we don’t really think of how deep it is! It is of extreme importance and anything but ordinary. And of course I loved Elder Holland’s talk. Man, the way he started his talk, "do you have any idea…." the elders and I looked at each other and I can’t remember what we said but something like oh man this is going to be deep! What Elder Holland spoke about next about how much they loved us was so sweet! I loved it 🙂

This week was just fabulous! Another wonderful week being a representative of Jesus Christ!

Don’t forget to read your scriptures (especially the Book of Mormon) everyday, to pray everyday and to come to church every week. Those will add up to continual conversion!

I love and miss you all!

Sister Garrett

1) April fools on the elders!
2) Amen!
3) Conference snow cones!
4) Conference break 🙂
5) I love Sister Rob!


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