Week #76 The week I stayed on my bike!!! ;)

1) Group pic at Sugars!2) Whenever Leon sees us she runs over and is super excited yelling EVENING!!!!
3) Washing action pic!
4) Sister Robinson 🙂
5) We had a nasty moldy fridge given to us because we needed a new one… We had to clean it.. Gross!

On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 11:31 AM, Amanda Garrett <amanda.garrett> wrote:

Good morning 🙂

This week was pretty good! We are really searching out the elect. I have been LOVING May Pen. It has been hot like a fiyah. I have to wear sunscreen or I will totally get sunburned! Sometimes I forget… Opps… But it has been good. I am getting brown! Literally. Yesterday someone called me the brown one. YES. It is always cool to be called brownin rather than whitey.

We had service on Saturday with an investigator named Sugar. We washed for like 2 1/2 hours, it was awesome! I love hand washing! Well, except pants. ( I am grateful I didn’t have to wash the pants, I just rinsed them haha) Pants are annoying to wash. I did mostly rinsing! It was so fun. Then Sugar fed us lunch, well her daughter made it for us! Fried chicken, white rice and pasta! Yum!

We have a really cool investigator named Shantel who has been through a lot in her past. A lot. She is so amazing. Please pray for her. We are working with her towards baptism! We are also working with Sugar towards baptism as well as Simone. It has been so cool. But we are still working on finding the elect. Sometimes it feels like we are going in circles and that the elect are in hiding, but we are trying to find the elect who may be hiding a little bit haha 🙂

Poor Sister Robinsons bike is stuck in one gear. Apparently her gears weren’t really working so we had a member try to fix it. He made it not move gears, which makes for a hard ride. I rode it last night… No sah…. Hopefully we get it fixed soon!

I am soooo incredibly grateful to be a missionary. I was pondering this morning about when I got my call. That was such a wonderful day. (I can’t wait to watch the video again) Man, I have been changed by serving in Jamaica. This has literally been the best 17 months of my life. It hasn’t been the easiest at all, from the heat to the rejection to the falling off my bike to drama to everything else, it has been hard. But in order to know true and ever lasting joy we need to have pain. I am grateful for all the hard times as well as all the good times. I have been changed by my mission. I have been truly changed. I love Jamaica and Cayman. I love being a missionary. Words can’t describe. As I have exactly one month today till I go home I want to work my hardest to continue to change to become the person God wants me to be and to find the elect, to help them come back to their Father in Heaven. (Side note- how cool is it that our all mighty God who is all powerful wants us to call him Father. That makes our relationship so personal. I love my Heavenly Father). I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

Oh and a BIG CONGRATS to Laina and Timmy for having their first child. I can’t wait to meet Makias. 🙂

Big up unoself.
Likkle more.
Nuff love,
Sister Garrett

1) Washing/rinsing clothes at Sugars 🙂
2) Mission complete. Clothes cleaned!
3) Our shadows were so sassy!!!!
4) Ginger pride!
5) Sister Robinson doesn’t really like animals haha 🙂


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