Week #73 Elections!

Good morning family,

I hope all is well out there! I am doing so well!!!! You want to know why I am doing so well? well, it is because we had 3 investigators at church!!!!!!! We haven’t had that many investigators at church in, I don’t even know how long. Shemar, Casey and Damian were all at church on time. It was so wonderful. Shemar had his baptismal interview after church with Elder Greenwade and passed! He is going to be baptized on Saturday at 11 am! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Shemar is one of the most prepared persons I have ever met. He had a few concerns about different things but we worked through them using testimony, scripture, etc. Shemar is ready for baptism. When you ask him about baptism and how he feels he says he is overcome with joy! It was really cool.
Casey was also at church. One word to describe Casey is $wag. His hair is like Will Smith’s hair from Fresh Prince of Belair! He cut it even more for church so it is more defined and he had a bow tie! Saweeeet. Casey is doing so good! On Saturday we did service and went on splits for service. Sister Moeletsi and Daneshia (a member) cleaned the inside of his house, while Sister Pace and I washed clothes outside his house. Sister Pace and I washed for 3 hours…. The weather was like this, it was cloudy, then sprinkling, then raining pretty hard then it would stop then it would rain hard again. Sister Pace put it like this, we didn’t know where the water from doing wash ended and when the rain water started. It was quite funny. We were soaking wet. Drenched. We washed the baby’s clothes/crib thing and Casey’s clothes. It was a lot of work but it was quite rewarding. I love washing by hand! It is so great. After service we had a Sabbath Day lesson with Casey and it was wonderful.
Damian was there as well. We haven’t had a lesson with Damian in quite a while and he just said the Spirit told him to go to our church. It was cool. We went on splits after church and Daneshia and I went and taught Damian. Damian is a strong Seventh Day. Yea. His lessons are interesting. He told us his conversion story and it will be something I will have to tell you when I see you. Funny/weird/I don’t know what to think about it.
So this week we had to stay in for elections. It was a busy day full of planning, updating records, writing letters, etc. It was a relaxing day. Then yesterday we got a call from our District Leader saying that we were to go home immediately due to a miss count in the ballots and there were riots in Kingston. So that was interesting. But we are good! I know that this church is true. I know that Heavenly Father is ever mindful of us and our circumstances. Lean on him at all times and you will be blessed.
Sister Garrett
This week was another wonderful week! I love being a missionary
1) The district and the Zone Leaders
2) We love CJ!
3) We were a wee bit chilly after washing in the rain!


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