Week #72 ‘Tis Election Time

Good morning good ole people!

At this exact moment I am listening to a buss drive by advertising Building with Banting, a person who is running for office here in Jamrock. His song sounds like Little Mermaid! So some advertising for elections, here in Jamaica, is done by driving these buses around with this Banting guy’s face on it and orange background while blasting his "election campaign song". Kind of funny. There are posters everywhere for the elections! So elections here are pretty dangerous. So much so that we aren’t allowed to leave the house on voting day. On Thursday we are to stay all day in the house. Now that doesn’t mean we just have a day off, no. We had our weekly 3 hour planning session changed from Friday to Thurday, we have to update our Area Book in all ways, etc. Many different things that we have to accomplish. It will be a weird but busy day.

This week was an amazing week! We have found so much success. So in our mission we have something called potential investigators. Potential investigators are people that we meet where we have a return appointment, phone number and a address (or at least approx. where they live). We have a goal as a mission to get 21 each week. Guess how much we got this week? 34 POTENTIAL INVESTIGATORS! That is so solid. We worked hard this week. It was absolutely amazing to see. It’s the highest number ever in my mission.

We finally got to see Shemar this week after not seeing him for almost a week. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He knows the gospel is true and needs to take the next step, baptism.

Also, pray for Casey. He is going through a really hard time in his life right now. He needs the Plan of Salvation more than ever before.

We had Zone Conference and Interviews with President Brown this week. It was a good time. I love Zone Conferences and interviews! As you can guess, my interview with PKB was not so much about missionary work…. It was a good interview though πŸ™‚ I have to start my 5 year plan. Every P-Day I get to spent 2 hours working on it. Basically what a 5 year plan is where I have to go through my next 5 years and plan out my life. Week by week, month by month, year by year. It involves everything from school to work to marriage to everything in between. It should be interesting. It also involves a vision statement for myself, specific goals, a plan and lots of revelation! It should be interesting. Oh yea and we did do the endorsement interview for BYU so that should be good to go.

I received a blessing from President Brown at the end of my interview and in the interview the question was posed three times, do you love me? This time in my mission is my time to show God that I love him. The blessing also talked about how this time in my mission is going to try my faith (or something like that). I am excited to work hard to show Heavenly Father that I love him.

I love you all so very much. I know the gospel is true. Keep strong in the faith.

Likkle more,
Sister Garrett

1) This is Jarome Brown. This is President and Sister Brown’s youngest son. He is HUGE now and walks all by himself. I remember when he was a baby and even when he was not born yet. Man, he is huge now!
2) Beautiful Mandeville πŸ™‚
3) We serve around the best elders! Brownies and Cinnamon rolls πŸ™‚
4) I got floured for my 16 month mark haha πŸ™‚


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