Week #71 Trade-off’s, District Conference and Froyo

Sister Pace was so cute. She gave Sister Moeletsi and I card’s and chocolate! I just love my companions πŸ™‚

On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 3:14 PM, Amanda Garrett <amanda.garrett> wrote:

2) Selfie’s with our frozen yogurt!3) Sister Loveland
4) District Conference!
5) Valentines Day!

On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 3:09 PM, Amanda Garrett <amanda.garrett> wrote:

Good afternoon πŸ™‚

So this week has been an okay week. We went to Savannah-La-Mar (Sav) for trade-off’s. It was so good to see Sister Kelly and Sister Lynn again. I love those sisters. Well, on the way back from trade-off’s I got us completely lost! I was so used to going to and from Sav from Montego Bay, my old area, that I just headed like I was going to Montego Bay, not Mandeville. Long story short, the normally two hour drive from Mandeville to Montego Bay took 4 hours… It was such a long drive! Man. But it was good because we were listening to some sweet talks!

We have had some wonderful lessons with wonderful people, Casey and the Brown family especially! I just love being a missionary.

Yesterday was district conference. Basically how the church works is like this, you are a Unit (I think) before you are a branch. Once you are a Branch you can be placed in a District which is like a mini Stake. Then the Branches turn into wards and the District turns into a stake, or something like that. So all of my areas, except Hopeton and Mandeville have been mission dependent, meaning they aren’t part of the Stake or District. But just like we have Stake Conference, we have District Conference. We got to drive to May Pen. It was such a good Sunday! I was put in charge of playing the piano for the missionaries in the District who were asked to sing Love is Spoken Here at the Conference. It turned out beautiful! Also, no one was there to lead the music so I was last minute asked to lead the music for the congregation. There were lots of people there! But it was good. I got to see President, Sister Brown and three of their kids. Their kids are getting so big! Jarome (who I have known since he was in Sister Browns tummy) is now walking! Crazy how time flies. It was a good Sunday.

I just love being a missionary! This time in my life has been the most amazing. Such a bitter sweet thing that my parents received my flight itinerary. April 21. 11 PM. America will see this Jamaican. Crazy. But I love love LOVE being a missionary in this part of the Lord’s vineyard.

Sister Garrett

1) The group!
2) SAV!
4) Feet in the wata!


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