Week #70 16 months down. Mi na ready fi wa happen next.

Good afternoon! 🙂

Today has been pretty fun! We had breakfast with the elders, looked for sweats and then headed over to zone p-day! We played jeopardy and it was a lot of fun. This zone is the best!

Well, this week has been a good week. We have had some powerful lessons with Shemar, but he is having a rough time, which always happens before and after baptism. We are also teaching some sweet ladies, Teresa and Shemar! It was been so wonderful.

I love how we are able to repent of past mistakes! I am a missionary yes, but that doesn’t make me perfect. I am really trying to become better than I have been in the past, to repent from the mistakes that I have made and to become the missionary and daughter that Heavenly Father wants me to become. I love my Heavenly Father so incredibly much. All I want to do is to please my maker. I want to return to him.

A cool thing that I learned this morning while reading Jesus the Christ (a fabulous book that I would encourage you to read) is the fact that God knows us. God knows us so well that he is able to judge what we will choose given in certain circumstances. I love this quote from Chapter 3 foot note 1.
“Respecting the foreknowledge of God, let it not be said that divine omniscience is of itself a determining cause whereby events are inevitably brought to pass.A mortal father, who knows the weaknesses and frailties of his son, may by reason of that knowledge sorrowfully predict the calamities and sufferings awaiting his wayward boy. He may foresee in that son’s future a forfeiture of blessings that could have been won, loss of position, self-respect, reputation and honor; even the dark shadows of a felon’s cell and the night of a drunkard’s grave may appear in the saddening visions of that fond father’s soul; yet,convinced by experience of the impossibility of bringing about that son’s reform, he foresees the dread developments of the future, and he finds but sorrow and anguish in his knowledge. Can it be said that the father’s foreknowledge is a cause of the son’s sinful life? The son, perchance, has reached his maturity; he is the master of his own destiny; a free agent unto himself. The father is powerless to control by force or to direct by arbitrary command; and,while he would gladly make any effort or sacrifice to save his son from the fate impending, he fears for what seems to be an awful certainty. But surely that thoughtful, prayerful, loving parent does not,because of his knowledge, contribute to the son’s waywardness. To reason otherwise would be to say that a neglectful father, who takes not the trouble to study the nature and character of his son, who shuts his eyes to sinful tendencies, and rests in careless indifference as to the probable future, will by his very heartlessness be benefiting his child, because his lack of forethought cannot operate as a contributory cause to dereliction.

“Our Heavenly Father has a full knowledge of the nature and disposition of each of His children, a knowledge gained by long observation and experience in the past eternity of our primeval childhood; a knowledge compared with which that gained by earthly parents through mortal experience with their children is infinitesimally small. By reason of that surpassing knowledge, God reads the future of child and children, of men individually and of men collectively as communities and nations; He knows what each will do under given conditions, and sees the end from the beginning. His foreknowledge is based on intelligence and reason. He foresees the future as a state which naturally and surely will be; not as one which must be because He has arbitrarily willed that it shall be.”

Isn’t that just great? I love Jesus The Christ!

Even more than I love the book, I love Christ. I know that he lives. Jesus Christ has helped me through so many things whether I recognized his hand in my life or not. I owe him so much. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who has been so gracious to me my whole life. I have received so many blessings. One of the biggest ones would be the fact that he sent his Only Begotten Son for me, and for you! I am so indebted to my Father.

I love you all more than words can say.

Sister Garrett

1) Too much $wag
2) No vending… Uhhh wa’guan vendors?
3) Yup, ice cream selling motor bike!
4) Too much fun!
5) Jepordy


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