Week #68 Down to my last 2 transfers! NO SAH!

Good morning family! This is weird… I am typing from the Riddlers (senior couple) iPad.. Technology man…

Anywho, we receieved transfer calls this week! It was a hard one to receive. I am no longer STL, they moved the STLs to Savannah-La-Mar! I am staying in Mandeville and will receive Sister Moeletsi, from Africa! She came out with my “daughter”, Sister Wright. I don’t know her too well but from what I have heard she is awesome! I have had many nationalities of companions. 2 American, 1 Canadian, 4 Jamaicans, 1 Trinidaddian and now 1 African! Way cool. But yea, Sister Lynn is leaving and going to Sav! She will do great work there! I will sure miss her.

We went on trade-offs with the one of the May Pen sister companionships. I stayed in Mandeville and had Sister Vincent come to me! It was fun. Awkward though, we went to get ice cream. Here in Jamaica they have rum & raisen ice cream and dragon stout ice crea. Alcoholic. Well we ordered cookie and cream (which is different than cookies and cream back home, this one is made with real cookies not Oreos). Turns out it was dragon stout….. I threw mine away. Sister Vincent had eaten almost all of hers by the time I got mine… Haha it was funny, she didn’t realize haha! Danishes, a member, was with us and realized what it was haha! I had a bite, realized what it was and then threw it out!

We also watched a missionary broadcast put on by the Church! It was wonderful! Apparently the church hadnt done it in a decade! It was for every single missionary! It was wonderful! Teach repentance and baptise converts!

This week was a pretty good week, until transfer assignments were made haha! Transfers aren’t the most fun…

I love you all so very much. I pray for you specifically all the time. Never forget who you are, you are a son or daughter of God who loves you more than anything. He wants you to return to live with him, so do all you can to receive exaltation (live with God again)!

Sister Garrett



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