Week #66 15 months…. NO SAH!

The picture of the group of us was taken at MLC (Mission Leadership Council). It was so good to see them all at MLC!

On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 12:55 PM, Amanda Garrett <amanda.garrett> wrote:

Dear family!

This week was pretty good! I went on a trade-off with my good friend Sister Loveland in Hopeton. It was a great time. I had the opportunity to go to their District Meeting (my old district from last transfer) and we had a powerful lesson about change! I have been trying really hard lately to become a better missionary than ever before and I needed to hear what was said. I asked Elder Jernigan (one of my Zone Leaders) for a blessing. Let me just say that his blessing was one of the most powerful blessings I have ever received. Basically it told me that Heavenly Father has recognized the change in me. That if I continue with that change, my companion and I will baptize a family! I can’t remember quite all of the blessing but it was absolutely wonderful (I wrote what I remembered in my spiritual journal). It was amazing.
We also went to Mission Leadership Council! We talked alot about repentance and how key it is in this work. It was so great to be with the other leaders and President and Sister Brown. I loved it!
We had an amazing couple lessons with an investigator named Shemar. He is scheduled to be baptized on Feb 6! He is doing so well. He is already in 2 Nephi of the Book of Mormon. That kid is so great!
I can’t remember what else happened! Just the usual missionary work I guess.
Oh and a shout out to Kelsee and her fiance Nelson! I am soooo happy for the two of you šŸ™‚

Sister Garrett
1) The fiesty likkle girl!
2) BOPS!
3) I love this family!
4) Some of the group that I came out with! We all have callings. Elder Brown- office elder. Elder Johnson Kingston Zone Leader. Elder Pulsipher Spanish Town Zone Leader. Sister Lynn and I Sister Training Leaders.


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