Hello dear ones,

This week was pretty good! I can’t remember much of what happened though… So this will probably be super short!

So we had a New Years Eve Branch party (instead of a Christmas party) which was super fun! It started late… Jamaican Mormon standard time… But it was a really good time! The food was delicious and wonderful! I love the Mandeville branch.

I went on Trade-Off’s with Sister Clyde in May Pen. Sister Clyde has been on her mission for 4ish months and has such a wonderful spirit about her. Funny story, she told me that when she got her call to Jamaica she found and read my blog! Haha so I keep finding more and more missionaries (and their parents) who have read my blog or who are currently reading it! It is such a small world when you serve in the JKM (best mission everrrrr!). But we had a wonderful trade-off! Sister Clyde is a professional ballet dancer! She is so cool. I learned so much from our time together. I have mad respect for walking sisters, man they go through a lot! It was so wonderful. Sister Clyde is amazing.

The creepiest thing EVER happened yesterday. We were at a Less Active’s house to have a lesson and we were sitting waiting for her. This guy touches my upper waist and puts his head super close to my ear and super creepily asks me if I am married (a typical Jamaican thing to say) and I could smell the ganja and alcohol on him… Bleh and he asks a couple times and Sister Lynn, like a boss, puts her hand up and said something like wow, back up sir, you need to stop. I was too creeped out to do anything. Then as he walks away his finger traces my back…. GAH. Man, that was so creepy. Have I said creepy enough? Man… Ew. I don’t mind people asking if I am married or what not because I am used to it by now. But this guy was a bit too touchy feely. Nope, nah, no sah. Not cool at all.

Sister Lynn and I are constantly trying to improve! We really want to help Mandeville improve and become better. I am so happy to be a missionary. I am so grateful that I have the chance to serve our Lord and Savior. This truly is an amazing work we are a part of.

I love you all!

Sister Garrett

1) Sara Hill, I thought of you when I saw this 🙂
2) I love the Book of Mormon!
3) Sister Clyde!!!
4) Love mi Jahmaykaa


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