Week #64 Not a white Christmas, that’s for sure!

Good morning šŸ™‚
The highlight of the week was definitely CHRISTMAS!

Here is how Christmas went down:
We had a district study where we exchanged gifts as a district. We were given names and we got gifts for them. I got Elder Cox an apron that says We be jerkin or something like that with Jamaican stuff all over it. I also got him jerk sauce, sparkling grape juice and candy. He really liked it.
We got a call from the Hopeton Sisters asking if they could use our oven because their gas in their stove was out. We let them of course and we went to drop off the key where they were. The Sisters has been invited over to eat breakfast at the Richardsons. For those of you who don’t remember I served in Hopeton last transfer and the Richardson’s fed us every Sunday. So we went to drop off the key and we were saying hello’s/goodbye’s (since we weren’t invited to stay) but then Sister Richardson said something like aren’t you going to eat with us? Or something like that (which is what we were secretly hoping for haha). It was so good! Pancakes, ham, fried bread fruit, fried plantain, ackee and saltfish (ew…), hot cocoa, sunny d, etc. It was delicious! We also got invited to dinner with them later that evening.
After breakfast we went to check a less active, but they weren’t home (or they were avoiding us) so we went to the Senior Couples home, the Riddlers, to skype our family! It was so good to see everyone’s wonderful faces. Not going to lie I am an awkward person now so skyping was a bit awkward but it was so wonderful! It was so amazing to see everyone. I love and miss my family… I have such mixed emotions at this point of my mission!
After Skyping we went to see a Recent Convert and had a wonderful lesson with her. Then we went to a lunch appointment. Chicken, ham, green beans, potatoe salad, juice, curried goat, ice cream, Christmas cake (ew… It’s basically fruit cake here in Jamaica. Christmas cake isn’t my favorite), etc. It was so delicious!
Then we went to the Richardsons for Dinner. Jerk chicken, jerk pork, calalloo (ew), cabbage, rice, sparkling juice, etc. It was delicious! We were stuffed after the day of eating.
Then we went to see the Christmas lights again and met up with the Hopeton Sisters and one set of the Mandeville elders and caroled by the lights. It was awkward at first but in the end I enjoyed caroling!

Oh yea, on Christmas Eve we went and did service at an infirmary (mental home). We gave them food and sang carols to them. I got kissed two times on my hand and one time on my arm… Awkward but funny! It was a really good time to do some service with the missionaries and members!

Just a few highlights of my week. I hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas! Happy new year when it comes šŸ™‚

This week was super long… Probably one of the longest weeks of my mission so far. I can tell that I am going to learn a lot in this area… This area is kind of difficult. But I shall not dwell on that. I know that Christ lives and that as we rely on him through our hard times, we will be able to get through any challenges that Heavenly Father sees fit to put us through. Trials are given to us to make us stronger, never forget that! Just like when we work out our muscles tear, our trials break us down and then make us stronger. I love being a missionary. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the church with all of the truth, it provides the only way to return to the Father. My goal is eternal life. My goal is eternal increase. My goal is to live with my Father again with my family and friends. Let’s help each other aim for higher, aim for eternal life.


Sister Garrett

1) Zone white elephant gift exchange
2) Zone Christmas party with Sister Faimalea
3) #ZoneSelfie
4) Zone Christmas Dinner


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