Week #62 Geez am peaz… 14 months?

Wa’guan my yutes?

So basically this week I hit my 14 month mark… Man, I can’t believe I have been out for so long… There are many emotions that I have; sad, happy, nervous, sad, sad, sad but never the less I am pumped that I still have 4 months to serve my Lord and Savior, 4 months to make my earthly and Heavenly parents proud, 4 months to bring as many souls as I can unto Christ. So you know what is weird? As soon as these sisters go home on wednesday/thursday (transfer day) Sister Lynn, Sister Tuttle and I will be the second oldest sisters in the mission in mission age… Isn’t that weird to think? Wasn’t I just in Ochi? No sah. But yea, it is great. Speaking of transfers, we got transfer calls on Saturday! It is no fun when you already know where you are going! I am officially going to be going to Mandeville to be with Sister Lynn (which I am SO EXCITED) for! Sister Faimalea’s visa finally came through (after 4 1/2 months of waiting) so she will be coming to Hopeton with Sister Loveland! She is going to love this branch and area. Hopeton will always have a special place in my heart.

We had zone meeting and it was another call to repentance meeting. Man, I swear, I get called to repentance so many times during the course of my mission so far! I am so grateful that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me enough to tell me what I am doing wrong and how I can become better. I love my God!

We hit 21 potential investigators this week! It is a goal through out the mission to have 21 potential investigators every week. A potential investigator is someone you meet on the street and you get a name, “address” (a relative term in Jamaica), their number and a return appointment! We worked so hard this week to hit our 21 and we did! First time in my mission I think 🙂 It was great!

We had a funny run in with a drunk investigator and his friend! We see them on the road so we pull over and talk to him. Lowayne’s friend tells us he is going to study with us with Lowayne. I ask them if they are drunk and there is a split second pause and they say noooo while laughing (totally drunk) and they said it’s the festive season and that on December 24 they were going to drink wine for Jesus. I said oh classy! Then Lowayne said that his friend from New York is coming down and I asked him if it was his girlfriend and he said yes. The other guy blurts out I’m single! It was so funny! No sah, just cause I am white…. Chah man…. Drunk people can be ridiculously funny. I guess it was a had to be there moment.

It was a wonderful week! I hope all of you had a simply splendid week.

Big up unoself! Keep on keepin on! Likkle more.

Nuff love,
Sister Garrett

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