Week #61 Interviews were interesting this week, to say the least…..


Good morning 🙂

So we had interviews this week with President Brown. Gosh, they were so amazing! I sure do love having time to spend in an interview setting with him. So we started off talking about you, my dear family. We talked about how you moved to Utah and why you moved to Utah. We talked about Dad and his work situation, how Mom is working a ton now with both jobs, and David and his mission papers and Chase and high school. He wanted me to tell you that he loves you (or hi… I can’t remember which). So we talked about you for a good while. We talked about the work for less than 5 minutes…. Uhhh… Yea, I guess I am getting old in the mission! Sister Loveland and I had been discussing Abraham 4 quite a bit and had a few questions so I asked Pres about them. There are two phrases that are repeated quite a few times. So we had a good conversation (part of it included marriage and the next life….) about the two phrases. It was a very deep and spiritual conversation that shouldn’t be taken lightly so therefore I won’t be going into further detail about it, sorry. If you want to know, read Abraham 4 and ask a Priesthood leader! Anywho, he asks me about how my prayers, scripture study, fasting and partaking of the Sacrament was going. I was honest and said that my prayers and studies haven’t been as good as they should be and how I was working to improve them recently! We talked about how we we repent and work harder. Now her comes the interesting part… He asks me if I exercise and of course I said no, cause I don’t…. He goes on to tell me that I need to exercise. That we have a hill in front of our house, and how I should just briskly walk the hill for 30 minutes so that for 20 minutes of it my heart rate would be up. He asked me how much weight I would want to lose. I said want or need to lose? He then proposed the idea of losing 10 pounds in a month. We even shook on it, literally. So it is a deal! We then talk about marriage…. Oh boy, here is comes… He said that I need to look slim (or trim I cant remember which) and good for my husband. I said yea, I’ll get married eventually. He then gets serious and says Sister Garrett we have talked about this (I don’t remember talking about marriage with Pres but okay), you will get married! And man… Oh yea, in Sister Loveland’s interview he talked about how he knows of my desire to get married and how he wants her to help me work out… I have no clue how Pres knows that either previous companions/missionaries have talked to him about it or revelation… Lets hope it is the latter. Yea, so it was an interesting interview full of marriage talk. When Pres starts talking about marriage in interviews you know you are going home soon…. Gahhh…. But it was great nevertheless! Oh yea and he said that he doesn’t worry about me at all and that he has no concerns.

So I am happy to report that (except on Sunday because I don’t work out on Sundays) I haven’t missed a day of walking/running that stupid hill. That hill…. Man, my calves hurt! Sister Loveland and I had to give eachother calf massages because we were so sore! Oh and I ordered Herbalife (yes, that is a thing here). It is a bit pricey but if it helps me lose weight that will be awesome 🙂

Something else I would like to tell you is something that President Brown has told our district. Well we know that he said in Zone Conference that our Zone is the most obedient zone, but he said that the district that I am in is the best district in every aspect, in obedience, Standards of Excellence, etc. It is a lot to live up to. But it is really cool that President Brown said that about the District. And he related it to how wonderful our District Leader is. Elder Lamburt is just great!

We didn’t have a lot of lessons because poor Sister Loveland got food poisoning from a cookshop and we stayed in basically for 2 days… 😦 I felt so bad! How she has an ingrown toe nail… I tried to help her by poking it and trying to get puss out but I think I made things worse… I feel horrible! But please keep my companion, Sister Loveland, in your prayers! She is going through a lot!

I love all of you so much. Keep doing missionary work! Referrals from members go farther than us knocking on doors!

Mi say mi kno da gospel a true. Mi nah say nuttin gainst dat. Mi love da mission life.

I just love what I do 🙂


Sister Garrett


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