Week #60 Cool COOL Mandeville

Wat a wa’guan?

So this week has been quite great. Lots of wonderful things are happening in the Hopeton Branch. First off, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope that all of you had a wonderful amazingly thankful delicious day. We had KFC, definitely wasn’t as good as the things you had… I can’t wait for Thanksgiving next year. YUM!

So update on what happened at the emergency zone conference. Well first let me tell a funny story. So we had to wait after the meeting to talk with President Brown. Now, you have to understand Sister Loveland and I’s companionship… We tend to make funny faces at eachother and what not… So Elder Havili, one of the AP’s, was in the room where we were and "caught" us making funny faces at each other. (Side note-Elder Havili has this deep almost monotone but not quite monotone voice. It is just so great and hard to explain) He stops between us (we were sitting across the room from eachother) laughs to himself and then says "You sisters are weird" and then walks away. That is all he said. It was so funny because we didn’t know we were on that level with him. He is great 🙂 So onto what was absolutely amazing. So we get a phone call from the Zone Leaders a couple days after the conference and apparently President Brown told one of them in an email that he felt that walking out of our zone conference was like walking out of the temple…. Amazing right? I don’t think it happened in other zones except ours. It was amazing. He told us that as he looked around the room that Mandeville was the most obedient zones, so I am sure that that added to the feeling of walking out of the temple. It was so powerful to hear!

So this week both Sister Loveland and I got a cold. Back home I wouldn’t get sick when I would get hit with the rain, but here on my mission I have gotten the cold 4-5 times because I got caught in the rain… It is so crazy! Jamaicans used to tell me to be careful in the rain and I never believed them because back home I would go in the rain and not get sick…. Not so much here. Sister Richardson, our landlord and a member of the church, noticed that I had a cold when she went teaching with us. During our lunch break she called up to us and gave me a grapefruit with honey in it (the Richardsons have their own Bee boxes), a local remedy for colds. IT WAS DELICIOUS! If I get sick back home, I am totally using that. Also, we found out that Sister Loveland has scabies….. If you don’t know what that is, it is basically when little bugs decide to make their home in a persons skin. It comes from dirty places and is contagious so she could have gotten it coming in contact with another person. She has had it for a long time but finally went to the doctors for it… Poor thing!

So we had an amazingly spiritual experience this week. We had a lot of appointments fall through so we decided to see a Recent Convert who lives across the street from us. He wasn’t there so we stayed and had a wonderful conversation with his mother and sister (members as well). It was a very spiritual experience. She told us of some hard times she was going through and a huge fight that her and her son had (the Recent Convert) and how he said he was going to move out. We shared some scriptures like Heleman 5:8-12 (I think) and other scriptures in D&C (where Joesph Smith was going through hard times and how trials will benefit him). She told us that she didn’t know why we stopped by but at the end she knew that it was for her. The Spirit led us to teach her. Then as we were leaving guess who is walking up the street? The Recent Convert and his non member brother. We had a good talking to with him and told him he needs to respect his mother and all that kind of stuff. Teenagers man… But we committed him to go apologize, to say that he loves her and to give her a hug. Now, side note, the Jamaican culture is not all lovey dovey. People don’t usually say I love you or hug. So we could tell he didn’t really want to do it, but he said he would. He goes inside and we go to our driveway for a few minutes and then we hear yelling…. We were so worried… We were hoping that we didn’t make it worse. So we decided to say a prayer, I offered the prayer. I don’t think I have ever prayed with such urgency before, pleading with the Lord to hush their voices. During the prayer I don’t think I heard arguing. Sister Loveland told me afterwards that during the prayer she got very warm to the point where she couldn’t feel the breeze and after the prayer she got the thought, "When the faith of two girls comes together, miracles happen". A miracle did indeed happen. The next day the sister came up to us and asked us if we talked to the Recent Convert, we said yes. She tells us that he apologized, said he loved his mom and hugged his mom! Truly a miracle. We could also tell that the mother was so much happier at church. It was amazing!

I went on trade-offs with Sister Lynn! I am so excited to be her companion. Oh and people keep mentioning and asking if I am losing weight! Ya mon the weight from Cayman is leaving! Boy how I love Jamrock. Oh yea, and I got to see Sister Thompson, a past companion! She freaked when she saw me! It was so cute 🙂

Oh yea, before I forget. Mandeville/Hopeton are COLD. I never thought I would be cold in Jamaica but this area during the winter time is cold. I actually wear my cardigans to keep me warm… Weird right?

Mi say, mi love all a yuh. Mi miss yuh. Mi no say da gospel true. Keep on keepin on.

Likkle more,
Sister Garrett

1) Thankgiving dinnfer
3) Ya mon!
4) Sister Lynn and I 🙂


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