Week #59 Emergency Zone Conference


Good morning family!

So this week was amazing. So remember when I told you a few weeks ago that things are going to be changing in the mission, but I couldn’t say what it was? Well now I can tell you all dat wa’guan! So we had an emergency zone conference. Yup, I hadn’t heard of such a thing until the meeting after transfers that I went to the meeting with the AP’s, ZL’s, STL’s and President Brown. So we are really trying to turn this mission into what it used to be and better than it used to be so when the new mission president come he will have a rock solid mission to work with. So instead of having a Christmas zone conference, we had this emergency one! But thank goodness we are still having a zone Christmas devotional on December 22! Anywho, this zone conference was AMAZING. It seriously was the most spiritual zone conference of my entire mission. There are a few things that I want to point out what was said. President Brown said, “As half dressed as women are, as stoned as men are, as broken as homes are, every place in Jamaica needs the gospel”. That is so true. President Brown got emotional when he was telling us that part. Every single person in this country needs the gospel. Pres even mentioned that the men who say very vulgar things to the Sisters need the gospel. I won’t even begin to say what has been said to me while just walking on the street. Sometimes it is hard to think man, I need to share the gospel with someone who is saying such crude things, but after President Brown said that we realized that every single person, no matter what they say or do, need the gospel! Sister Brown also said something powerful as well. So she told us that there are approx. 2.8 million people in Jamaica and approx. 6,000 members of our church. She asked the question on who are we willing to sacrifice? She asked Elder Lambert about his siblings names, and she asks him if he would sacrifice Allison (I think that was one of his siblings names)? He starts tearing up and says no, I can’t. She asks about his other siblings and he says the same thing. Then she looks around the room and looks at me and says, Sister Garrett what about your brother? I shook my head and said something like no, I can’t. (Side note- I don’t really know how she remembers my brothers. All I can say is that President and Sister Brown love us so much that they remember things that we tell them even as simple as remembering my siblings!) And then she asks Elder Ozment about his siblings and the same things happen. It was a powerful moment. Who am I willing to sacrifice going to the Celestial Kingdom? Mom…. Dad…. David…. Chase….? There are 2.8 million people, my brothers and sisters in Jamaica, most of them don’t have the gospel. It is our duty to bring it to them. Man, this zone conference was amazing! I can’t even put it into words. It was funny so Sister Loveland and I told Pres in a weekly email that we felt like the Elders weren’t treating the Sisters the way they previously had (because they don’t open doors, carry luggage, etc anymore) and we think they got talked to by President Brown. For part of Zone Conference we split Sisters and Elders. When the Elders came back, they actually wanted to sit by the Sisters and one even apologized for something he said to us on the phone previously. I asked one of them and he said that he didn’t think he could tell me, but that it was basically all about the sisters…. Curious…. Yea, so I loved Zone Conference!

It was overall a great week! Our numbers have improved which is good. Missionary work isn’t all about numbers but when you see an improvement, it makes ya feel good! We had an investigator come to church and now he is progressing towards his baptism on December 19! Oh part of Zone Conference was that Pres challenged us to baptize for Christmas! Ya mon! It’s great.

I love you all. Big up unoself. Mi say ta da uno who be typin patios, big up! Mi love da patios. Keep on keeping on. This gospel is true, I know it!


Sister Garrett

PS As part of the changes being taken place in the mission, we will only have one hour to email…. :/ It will be hard but with the Lord we can do all things. So it would be great if some of the emails written could be hand written and sent via post. 4 Garelli Ave, Kingston 10, Jamaica, wi I LOVE YOU!


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