Week #58 A Week Full of Awkward Moments….

Hello from another beautiful preperation day on the island of Jamaica,

This week was absolutely wonderful. I don’t think I have laughed so much in my life. Sister Loveland and I seriously are friends from the pre-mortal, no joke. We have basically the same personality and it is just so wonderful. When the work gets hard, we just laugh and get to work. It has just been so amazing to be here in Hopeton with Sister Loveland. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed to not be going to Mandeville where I was originally assigned, but now I don’t want to leave Hopeton or to stop being companions with Sister Loveland. We have just been doing great things.

We had a powerful lesson with an investigator named Daphne. Man, she is truly amazing. We were teaching the Restoration and the Spirit was thick. At the end of the lesson Sister Daphne told us that she knew that the message was true. I asked her now that she knew that the message was true what she needed to do. She said that she needed to get baptized and that there was a few things she needed to take care of, namely marriage. It was so amazing. One sign that the Spirit is in the lessons is when the Investigators (or Recent Converts/Less Active Members) answer every question correctly and when they decide for themselves that baptism and marriage is the way to go. She even teared up at the end. It was seriously amazing. She comes to church every week. She has actually been to the church before a while ago, and she said that she isn’t stopping this time around. We have prayed for a baptism date for her and will extend it this week. I just love that woman!

On Saturday we went to the funeral of a Sister in the branch. She unfortunately was only 30 years old when she died of Breast Cancer. Man, that family has been through so much. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation, to know that I will be with my family forever! Yes, sure the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation doesn’t make death easier, just like a doctor who knows what the pain of a prick of a needle doesn’t feel less pain each time he gets pricked. The pain is still there, but it makes life a little bit easier. I love the Edwards family.

So Sunday we went to the Mcleods house to get to know them. The Mcleods are a very prominent family in the branch and in the community. Everyone know the Mcleods! And even most people in the branch are somehow related to them! But we wanted to go over and build a relationship with them. We had such a fun get to know you meeting. They told us that we have to keep in touch after the mission. We also are doing service for them on Saturday. We are helping Kevar and Nicole (newlyweds) do some wash and then helping Kevar’s mom do something else… I can’t remember what though haha! But I just love that family. They told us that whenever we are having a rough day to stop by. Kevar and Nicole are JKM RM’s and they said that they would have families in their areas where on the hard days they would go see to make them feel better, they told us that they could be that family for us! I just love the Mcleods!

Awkward Moments of the Week:

1) Where are the Elders when you need them?
So Sister Loveland and I were minding our own business, cleaning the chapel because it looked not so clean when all of a sudden Sister Loveland tells me to look at what was on the chair (or something like that). She directs me to the chair and it has a HUGE moth on it. Now, Sister Loveland doesn’t like moths so I had to take the initiative. Seriously, this moth was bigger than any moth I have ever seen. It was the size of a good sized butterfly. It was huge. So the battle of trying to kill this beast commenced. It took so long. That darn moth kept going to the roof and all over the place. We have some hilarious videos of us trying to kill it. I am so excited to show you the videos. All in all, the moth is now dead. It fought a good fight but it lost in the end. Woman Latter-Day Saint POWER!

2) So one day we were doing some finding and we happened to walk by a Sister Dennis’s house and she was heading to go get a taxi, so we decided to walk with her. We left her were the taxis were passing and turned to go back to where we were finding and man…. It was almost like every young guy that we passed yelled out to us. Did it happen when we had a Jamaican with us? Nope. Did it happen as we were minding our own business walking? Yup. Whiteyyyyy. Whiteyyyyy. Whiteyyyyy. I even got serenaded by a guy from a roof top singing "red trunk" (I was wearing my read skirt). And these Jamaican men get mad and curse you when you don’t acknowledge them. We would wave to some of them but one of them we didn’t and he was cursing up a storm. It was so awkward because we walked by this group and they called out to us. We kept walking until Sister Loveland got a bad feeling as we were walking down the street, so we turned around walked past them again and turned at the nearest street. Then we realized that we wanted to back the the van (a Jamaican term for what Americans call a truck) and we had to pass by them again. Three times.. Talk about awkward… But all in all we are so grateful for the van.

3) I am not even going to go into detail about what happened at church. Loads of awkward things happened.

This week was so great. I love working with Sister Loveland. We are really striving to work with the members and to build that bond with them that was preciously lost. We have been told that the members can feel a difference with us, a good difference, and that they like us. I am so grateful for these members. I have truly come to love Hopeton. This place is amazing. We are truly working hard, repenting when we slack off and then commit to working harder the next day. I am so grateful for the Atonement and the peace and happiness that repenting brings each day. I make so many mistakes every single day, we sin in our very thoughts. I am so grateful for a Savior who has atoned for my sins. He made a way for us to become perfected even as He is perfect. I can not say it enough, but I am grateful for the Atonement. I have seen it work in so many different ways from enabling to forgiving to anything in between. I love the Atonement.

Shout out to Elise for finishing the Book of Mormon in 100 days. You go girl! I had previously challenged her to read the Book of Mormon in 100 days (6 pages a day) and she accepted! I now challenge all of you. Do it! We are doing it as a mission, except we read it every 100 days! So when we finish, we do it right over again. We are also reading with a purpose meaning highlighting something as we go. For example, I have done everytime Christ or God (anyone of their names) is mentioned, ( actually started that one before the 100 day challenge was a thing. It became a mission thing when I was almost done), their words and now I am doing the Atonement. It is so great. The blessings are unreal.

I love being a missionary! This work truly is an amazing work.

Till next time. Big up yuhself. Likkle more.


RASTA Sister Garrett

1) Trying honeycomb for the first time! Yum.
2) I don’t understand the 1/2….



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