Week #56 Crazy transfer calls….

Good morning my wonderful family,

This week has been a pretty wonderful week. I might as well get to the point of the subject line. So on Halloween (no Jamaican’s don’t really celebrate Halloween, for the most part, except for the random places here and there) morning we received our transfer calls. Sister Bogle is training! She is training a brand new missionary. Oh now I remember the day when I was called to train… 🙂 She will be such a good trainer! Oh and guess who else is training? MY DAUGHTER SISTER WRIGHT 🙂 She is going to be fabulous. And my "granddaughter" will be born where I was born, good ole Ocho Rios. I am so happy for Sister Wright, she is ready for this calling. I know that she will be a fabulous trainer. So onto my transfer call…. So as you can probably guess, I am leaving Montego Bay. I am heading to Mandeville to be a Sister Training Leader (STL). So an STL is basically someone who is over the Sisters in the mission. They do exchanges with the Sisters, go to to MLC (Mission Leader Council), etc. When I first came on my mission there was only one companionship over all the sisters, now there are two companionships for all the sisters. One is set in Boulevard and one in Mandeville. I will be serving with Sister Lewis (Who I love! She goes home next transfer.) and….. Get ready for this… SISTER LYNN!!!! I get to serve with my MTC companion. I am so excited. We may even end our mission together since we only have 4 transfers left. I am getting old on this mission…. Soon come President Brown will be talking to me about the 5 year plan… Awkward… Anyway….. Yea. I have so many emotions when it comes to my transfer call… Honestly, a bit of inadequacy. But I prayed a lot (an am still continuing to pray) about it, to help me gain a testimony that this call came from the Lord, and my feelings of inadequacy are slowly leaving me and are being replaced with a knowledge that the Lord will qualify me because he has called me. I am truly excited to be able to serve in this capacity. I am grateful that the President Brown and the Lord has thought of me to fulfill this assignment. It is a huge step, but this mission is full of learning, growing and applying!

Sidenote: I have followed my mother, Sister Mouritsen, in the areas she has served. The only places we haven’t served in the same place is Montego Bay and Nassau. Crazy right? I am currently about to take her spot as STL. She is… Going home. Time flies! I feel like we were just talking about her going home in Ocho Rios, now it is actually happening! Man… I love that sister 🙂

Montego Bay has been my refiners fire. I have been through a lot these past couple transfers, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. It’s funny how the Lord works. A mission is like a operating table. Heavenly Father is operating on our heart, changing our very nature. Let me tell you, it isn’t easy at all. Change is hard, especially when you are stubborn like I am. But, the amazing part about this operation room is that Jesus Christ is sitting right by our sides while God is operating on us. Christ is holding our hands, hoping that we will accept the change. I am so blessed to have a Savior who is willing to help me grow and to stand by my side when the change is hard. I can honestly say that in my whole mission I have never worked harder than I have these past few weeks. I have worked hard, extremely hard. I am proud of the improvement that has been made while here in Montego Bay. It has been so amazing to see the difference in the area and the difference in myself that has been made while I have been here. I am so indebted to the Lord. I am so blessed to have experienced Montego Bay.

We have found some amazing investigators! They have been progressing in the gospel, namely Troy. We met Troy when I got stuck in the truck a couple weeks back. He has been to church twice and has accepted a baptismal date of December 19. He truly has been changing and reading the Book of Mormon. It will be so hard to leave the people that I am working with, but I know that the Lord has a plan for me and right now the plan is in Mandeville.

I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to serve God as a full time missionary. I am grateful that I get to wear Jesus Christ on my chest each day. May we all sew his name onto our heart. May we all not give up when the Lord wants us to change our very nature. I have witnessed the Saviour’s loving Atonement, it is so amazing to no that we are never ever alone. Through all our struggles, pains, trials, Christ is holding our hands. He cries when we cry and rejoices in our successes. He is there for us through the good and through the bad. He loves us and God loves us. I am just so extremely blessed to be a missionary! I am excited to see where my experience as an STL and for the next 5 months will take me.

I love you all. Keep choosing to do the righteous things and you will be blessed.

Sister Garrett

1 & 2) Elders are weird…. But we love them haha!
3) Sashoni! I love this likkle pickne!
4) Original gangstas!


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