Week #55 Mi na no wha ta say….


This week was a pretty good week! We have been finding like crazy. We are trying to find the elect. Like Sister Bogle says, "Invite everyone, teach the elect". We have been getting out of the car and walking more, which is good! Well, except when you get caught in a rainstorm and become drenched from the head to the food! No worries though, it was fun 🙂

We had an investigator, named Troy, who came to church! It was so amazing to see him there. The Spirit touched him so much that he before he could walk into the Sacrament Hall he had to fix his shoes properly and take out his earrings! After he finally sat down, he enjoyed the meetings! The mission has been putting a huge focus on Sabbath Day worship. Investigators needs to come to church in order to progress in the gospel. There should not be an investigator who has been taught all the lessons, but hasn’t been to church. It is basically condemning them.

Here is a classic poem, written by my dear Mom, Sister Mouritsen!

The JKM Sister Missionary

Well… Where to start?
I guess from my heart,
I hope you’ll like these few words,
They may just be absurd…

In the Jamaica Kingston Mission,
You’ll find sisters full of ambition,
The life of these missionaries,
Is definitely not that of sparkly fairies…

Our hair is most times frizzy,
Because we’re just too busy,
It may be up in a dumpling,
Because of that hot something,

Our clothes not always zeen,
maybe they were when we were green,
Our shoe may have holes,
on the bottom near the soles,

But despite what the mission will bring,
Underneath they’re Daughters of a King,
Where the Lord knows them best,
And has granted some this quest,

To testify of truth,
(while they’re still in their youth),
To Christ they’ll bring many,
Not even for a penny,

Though they be ‘Whitey!’ and ‘Brownin”,
They’ll never be frownin’,
And for heaven sakes,
Not those long handshakes…

But even through it all,
They’ll grow Spiritually tall,
To Celestial they’re bound,
Where there they’ll be crowned,

In Glory above,
With all those that they love.

Sister Mouritsen

Oh how I love that poem, I just wanted to share it! It is a portion of what life is like in the good ole JKM (Jamaica Kingston Mission), the best mission on Earth, I may or may not be biased!

There isn’t much to update on this week. I just love being a missionary. This is my life. I am so blessed to be serving my Lord and Savior. There is no other place I would want to be. Last night Elder Zeck asked me a question along the lines of Sister Garrett, what is the biggest lesson that you have learned on your mission? Or something like that… Well, I have learned so many lessons it isn’t even funny. One of the biggest lessons that I have learned is how much God loves us. He loves us so much. I have been so grateful to be able to feel his love for investigators, recent converts, less active members, active members and fellow missionaries/servants of the Lord. The love that I feel for these people is unlike anything I have ever felt. Mi love mi Jamaicans. I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I love that I have had the past almost 13 months to serve my Lord, Savior and God. He truly means everything to me. I testify that He lives! I love you all so much. Words can’t adequately describe. Everyday try to gain a better relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. How do we do that? Through scripture study (studying with a purpose), prayer (with real intent meaning you will ACT on the answer you receive) and by coming to church!

Keep on keepin on! Big up yuhself. Likkle more.

Nuff love,

Sister Garrett

P.S. Transfer calls are on Saturday! Mi say, me na no wat a wa’guan. Mi tink mi leavin. Me na no though. The Zone Leaders and District Leader won’t say a word, they just give weird hints. But mi na no. Soon come we will find out!


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