Week #54 Positivity Works!

Good afternoon loves,

So this week was amazing. It is wonderful how things change once you start looking at trials in a positive way. I know that this lesson is something that the Lord wanted me to learn this transfer, how to be positive during trials. It was an amazing lesson to learn.

Monday- I can’t really remember what we did for P-day last week… Must have been so fun that it has been blocked from my memory… Haha πŸ™‚

Tuesday- We went and found a less active that lives far up in the bush of Bethel Town. It is such a beautiful place. We had a wonderful lesson with Sister Bustch, she has been through so much in her past and because of the Atonement she has been working her way to come back to church. I just love her. We also went to do some service for Brother Armstrong by cleaning the grills (not a bbq grill but the grills here mean like bar like fence on the veranda). It was fun, when we serve others, we are literally serving God. Then we went and saw Sister Clarke, one of my favorite people to talk to. She is sealed to her husband and they have two children and one on the way. It was a very spiritual talk and she really opened up to us. I love the Clarke family!

Wednesday- We had district meeting that was all about finding. Finding is so important in this work. Missionary work cannot go on until we find some of God’s children to teach. It was a wonderful meeting, full of role-plays!

Thursday- We went and had some wonderful lessons with some of the active members in our area. We talked about the importance of being a woman while using Elder Russel M. Nealson’s recent conference talk. Elder Nealson’s talk is POWERFUL. Woman are important, don’t ever think otherwise. We also FINALLY got to see Rajesh. We haven’t had a lesson with him in weeks because he got a job…. But never the less the lesson that we had with him was very spiritual. Members bore solid testimony. Now reflecting back on the lesson it makes me realize how important members are to this work. I would challenge each one of you to prayerfully come up with names for the missionaries to work with. You know the friends who are ready, we don’t. It would take us a lot longer to find a prepared person to teach than you as members.

Friday- I was sick… The mission nurse said it was the cold… No big deal! I am feeling a lot better!

Saturday- So we had some great lessons with some of God’s precious children. We saw a lady named Sister McLeary, who decided on her own, with the help of her cute son, to come back to church. She has been through a lot and is amazing, so strong. It is always a treasure to meet with her. The Spirit is so strong in our lessons. We also had a lesson with two investigators, Rico and Rasheen. They are 13 and 16 years old respectively. We taught our purpose and Godhead. They picked up the message really quickly, they practically were raised within the church. Their grandparent is a member. It was such a good lesson. We also say Joval, an investigator, and she is changing! She is starting to open up and ask us questions and is pondering about the things we are teaching. When we ponder it allows the Spirit to testify to the heart of the truth. It was amazing. We also say Sister Barrett, who is lovely. She always says that she loves me more and that it is not debatable (because when I say I love her, she says she loves me more, and then I say debatable haha). Saturday was an amazing day!

Sunday- Church was great. I love being surrounded by members and the Spirit while at church. It was so crazy. Guess what? Aunt Marie if you didn’t hear this yet, you are going to FLIP. So I met one of your companions at church! Yea. Crazy small world right? She told me that she served with a Sister Garrett and that I looked like her. Then we talked some more about it and she tried to pull up Aunt Marie on Facebook but it wouldn’t show a picture but it showed Owens as a last name… SMALL WORLD! My mind was blown. I freaked when I found out. Haha πŸ™‚ It was cool!

Monday- Let’s not mention that I got stuck in a rut… Literally… I was trying to avoid something in the road and didn’t realize there was a couple foot ditch next to me. It took probably 8ish men to get me out. We were all safe, the truck was just stuck… My back tire was stuck so they had to put wood and rocks and stuff to get traction as well as a jack. It was crazy, but things like that happen for a reason. We got one potential investigator out if it! It was so great πŸ™‚

So overall this week has been so much better. Positive vibes only from now on!

I know that this church is true. Christ lives and loves us. Rely on Christ through everything that we go through, the good and the bad. Heavenly Father loves us more than we can comprehend. He wants to hear from us, so let us pour out our hearts in prayer to Heavenly Father every single day. I would challenge you to pray one of your prayers for at least 10 minutes. It makes a difference!

I love you and pray for you often.


Sister Garrett

1) Admiring the sunset/selfie!

2) Sunset at Sister Chambers house!

3) Jerry-Ann and I! She is preparing for a mission. I am so excited for her πŸ™‚

4) Sister Bogle and I.


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