Week #51 A Week Full of Driving

Hey hey!

This week was absolutely crazy. We had two full days of no proselyting…. Uhhh…. Yea, so on Tuesday I had to take Sister Thompson into Spanish Town to attend trainers meeting because she is training a new missionary! I was so glad to be able to attend even though I am not training. President Brown always says that trainers are the most important calling in the mission and that trainers meeting is one of the most important meeting that occurs. All I can say is that there was many different things that I learned that I wish I knew while I was training my daughter, but never the less I loved training. It really is such a sacred experience. So trainers meeting was great, and we got pizza afterwards!

On Thursday, we had to go back to Spanish Town for transfers. I love going to transfers! It is absolutely amazing to see the new missionaries and the fire they bring into the field. There were SO MANY new missionaries. I think there was like 15ish newbies. They are going to do wonders in the Jamaica Kingston Mission. It was a long day of driving though. From Mobay to Spanish Town there are two ways to go. The Ochi was takes about 2 1/2-3 hours and the Sav way takes about 4 1/2-5 hours. On the way to transfers we had to take the Mobay elders so we went the shorter way, the Ochi way. But, on the way back we had to take the Sav sisters home so we had to go the super long way. We didn’t get home till a little bit after 9:30. All I can say is that with the help of the Lord, I made it through all that driving. I am grateful for the meetings that I was able to attend. I love getting to hear President Brown talk. He is such an amazing man.

Well, to be honest this week was a very stressful week. I thought I knew this area of Montego Bay, but since Sister Bogle I realized that I don’t. I don’t really know this area, and it makes both of us frustrated. I am just so bumbed that I didn’t learn more of the area in my previous 4 weeks, but lets just say we will be doing a lot of finding this next week and a lot of work with the members to help them boost their desire to come teaching with us.

We had a really cool experience with a less active. We hadn’t been able to get to see her for weeks because she was always hiding from us, but we went to look for her and she came out onto the veranda! She shared her frustration with the members and how they don’t look for her. Sister Bogle and the amazing missionary that she is, really helped her feel the spirit and helped her feel the desire to come back to church. Guess what? SHE WAS AT CHURCH WITH HER HUSBAND AND ONE OF HER KIDS! It was truly amazing to see here there. It was also so amazing to see the members go up and talk to her. That is a big problem here, when people become Less Active they just are forgotten about. So please go visit the Less Active members of your ward or branch. They are still members of Christ’s restored church and need just as much love as anyone else.

I got a blessing this week from Elder Bennet because I was extremely stressed. Within the blessing it said something that this experience is going to help me grow and learn to be humble, or something like that. It also said that the Lord is pleased with me. That he is proud of my work, but he isn’t easily well pleased. I have thought about that and it just makes me want to work harder because God doesn’t just want us to work hard for a couple months and they take a break. No. We need to work hard always.

I know that this church truly is Christ’s church. He loves us and I know that he died for us. I love my Lord and Savior. I am also grateful for trials because it is through trials that we can truly grow.


Sister Garrett

PS I just found out that there are 4 MISSIONARIES (including myself) THAT LIVE IN CEDER CITY THAT ARE SERVING IN MY MISSION. I thought it was just two of us, but nope there are 4! Crazy 🙂 So I get to go back and some of my mission family will either be in Ceder or will be close to finishing their mission!

1) One of the Elders from Ceder!

2) Sister Mouritsen 🙂

3) Sister Oman! My future Summer 2016 BYU roommate 🙂

4) Elder Lewis… We go home together in 6ish months! He is such a wonderful missionary, now an AP! Haha 🙂


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