Week #50 The week I saw Jeffery, the Camel, on hump day!

Good afternoon!!!!

50 weeks…. Wow that is a long time!

So this week has been a crazy week. Let me just start by explaining the subject line. Did you know that there is a camel in Jamaica? So crazy! I don’t understand. What is it’s purpose? Why is there a camel here? Haha it was great 🙂 The previous Sisters named the Camel Jeffery because of the commercial that has the camel on it! Haha 🙂

Well transfers calls were on Saturday and my new companion is Sister Bogle! So transfers are on Thursday this week (weird, they are usually on Wednesday…) and Sister Dill had to go to Kingston to do some Self Reience stuff cause she is going home. So we did and early transfer. Sister Bogle is with me now 🙂 I love her already! She is a wonderful teacher (and I only have been in one lesson with her). She is from Jamaica and has been out 4 1/2 months! Something that Sister Bogle and I are going to work on this transfer is our obedience. I mean, it’s not like we are extremely disobedient but it’s the little things that we need to work on… For example, ever since I was in Cayman music has been on my mind. I have been thinking that some of the music that we listen to is good Christian music (better than what the world has to offer) but it isn’t missionary appropriate. I have been thinking about going Mormon Tabernacle Choir only and Dad you emailing me about it last week confirmed what I had been thinking about. Sister Bogle and I talked about it and we are going MoTab only this transfer. I know that is extreme for some, but I want to increase my spirituality and my obedience to the missionary handbook. I know that there is some big blessings and miracles ahead because of this decision.

It has been raining like crazy lately. We were stuck at the church with the Elders because of the downpour two days in a row…. Crazy!

This week is going to be a crazy week. I have to drive Sister Thompson into Kingston on Tuesday for trainers meeting. Sister Bogle is going to be with her companion, we are going on splits for the day. Then Thursday we get to go to transfers (which I haven’t been to in 4 transfers!) I am so excited!!! We have to pick people up and then after drop luggage off in Sav and take an elder to Negril. It is going to be a crazy, hectic day! I am excited though 🙂

I love this work. I love being in Montego Bay. This gospel is totally and 100% true. I would be lost without it. I love Jesus Christ. My relationship with him has increased so much these past few months. I love him.

Big up yuhselfs. I LOVE AND MISS YOU!

Sister Garrett

2) View from Sister Gilles house!
3) I GOT TO SEE SISTER MOURITSEN ON TRADEOFFS LAST WEEK! Oh how I love my trainer aka my mama 🙂
4) Next transfers planner is full of friends 🙂
5) Sister Bogle


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