Week #49 It’s a yard ting. Yuh nah go undastand!

Hey 🙂
I am feeling the love this week! So many people decided to email on the week that I have no time to reply… That seems to happen doesn’t it? Well, I will reply next week hopefully! Thanks for all the love!

Basically I have no time whatsoever… We went to Negril for a mini zone preparation day! It was so fun to play beach volleyball! Not everyone in the zone was the because the zone area is HUGE! Because we went there we have really no time to email.

Highlight to my week was having a WHOLE FAMILY at church on Sunday. I have never had a whole family of investigators at church (aside from part member family)!!! It was such an AMAZING experience to see a Mom, Dad and two daughters at church. And to top it off the branch did an excellent job at fellowshipping them. Wow, so great 🙂

Yea. No time! Sorry mom and dad…. You will get a better email next week! I LOVE YOU ALL 🙂

Sister Garrett

ps yes, this week I had my 11 month mark… Lets not even talk about that…

ps the subject line translation: It’s a Jamaican thing, you’re not going to understand haha 🙂

1) Selfie at Negril!

2) 11 month mark!
3) Joval, Dean and their kids.
4) Sister Garrett’s nametag with conk!
5) #swag


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