Week #47 Yuh hafa learn ta dance a yard before ya dance abroad!


So this week was pretty great, I am absolutely LOVING Montego Bay (aka Mo Bay). The members here are wonderful, the area is beautiful and my companion is great! I just love being back in Jamrock. I absolutely loved Cayman, but it was hard being away from Jamaica. Jamaica is just the bomb dot com. I love being in the physical presence of other missionaries rather than see them over Skype. In Mo Bay there are 6 missionaries all together. Elders Zeck and Lafeyette (the Zone Leaders), Elders Bennet (District Leader) and Smith, and then us! Those elders are absolutely great! We laugh all the time.

We met this guy named Rajesh when we went to meet with a potential investigator. He was interested so we got his number and set up an appointment with him. We met him on Wednesday then had a lesson with him on Thursday and Saturday. It was really cool to be able to teach him. He seems so solid! And to top it all off guess who came to church? RAJESH! I mean he came during the 3rd hour, but its better late then never. Turns out he has friends who are in the branch. I hope things continue to go well with him so that he can enter the waters of baptism and the doors of the temple.

Poor Sister Dill has been quite sick as of late. We had to stay inside for a day and a half. Another reason why I love serving around other missionaries is that we were able to call them and ask for them to give Sister Dill a blessing. Being worthy of the Priesthood power is so important. I absolutely love blessings. A blessing directly from Heavenly Father can help us in our lives.

Don’t forget yuh hafa learn ta dance a yard before ya dance abroad. A Jamaican saying that means you have to learn how to dance at home before you dance elsewhere. So learning happens at home before it happens anywhere else. (hafa=have to)

It has been a overall great week. I love being a missionary!!!!

I love you. Keep on keepin on. Big up yuhself.

Nuff love,
Sister Garrett

1) The best patty I have had in a looooong time! They don’t have as good as patties in Cayman as they do in Jamaica.
2) FROZEN YOGURT. I’m obsessed!
3) What I walked into during FHE last Monday…. Brother Armstrong is funny 🙂 He remembers me from when I would go to Mobay for Zone meetings and conferences.
4) Can you tell the white girl platied the picknes hair? Yea…. HE LOOKS LIKE HE HAS TWO ANTENNAS HAHAHAHA!


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