Week #46 Writing from JAMROCK.

Yo, I am finally back in JAMAICA! Man, I missed it here. Jamaica means so much to me. I forgot how much I loved and missed it until I got back!

So this week was pretty good. The Grand Cayman Island and the people that live there will always have a special place in my heart. So Sister Wright and I worked extremely hard this past week with our finding. Like Preach My Gospel says, "Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach". I have experienced that for myself as we had a lower amount of investigators. But this past week was focused on finding. We had some amazing experiences with finding. So we had everything fall through one morning so we said a prayer and pulled out our Cayman map. When we prayed the thought to got to a place called Newlands came into our head, as well as the road called Hirst. So we looked at the map and decided on what part of Hirst Road we wanted to go to. We drove to that area and it ended up being a super wealthy part of the area, I think it was gated as well so we went to the closest road out of that neighborhood. We parked the car and walked around, knocking on doors trying to invite others to come unto Christ. One time Sister Wright heard someone say "J-Dubs" before they opened the door. It was funny! We aren’t J-dubs though… Most of the people either didn’t answer or weren’t interested. We got to one of the last houses and we were walking on the door when Sister Wright noticed that a guy was sitting outside in the yard. So we went over and started talking to him. His name is Evan and turns out he had listened to the missionaries like one time before while he was going to University in England. He recognized that there were so many different churches who teach so many things about God. So because of that he isn’t so much religious even though he grew up Baptist. He seemed super prepared, that this was the time for him to accept the gospel. We also found another guy name Coswell who we walked up to and asked him if we could help him with mixing cement and he accepted our help. It was my first time mixing cement so I wasn’t so good but Sister Wright went to school for construction so she is pro! Haha he seemed cool as well πŸ™‚ It was a miracle week with our finding. It was also a miracle week for me. I had a hardened heart towards finding, I feared man more than I feared God (which is not how it should be). I hated knocking on doors. But this week my heart changed! I still am nervous, but not as nervous as before. I actually LOVE finding now πŸ™‚

We had Zone Conference this week and it was amazing. Unfortunately we couldn’t attend in person so we skyped in. Technology is great and all but when it doesn’t work it stinks. We heard half of conference. But it was really good. We got to hear President and Sister Brown speak as well as Elder and Sister Martinez. Powerful powerful speakers. Because I was still a District Leader I also got to attend DLC (District Leader Council) and got to hear from them twice! We talked about service and how we need to serve as leaders. We love, serve and preach the gospel. We can’t forget to love and serve. There are tons of things that I learned. Such a spiritual meeting.

I got to Jamaica Saturday night (stayed the night with Sister Shaffer in Boulevard) and I got to Montego Bay last night. Remind me to never fly alone when I get home. I was so stressed. So I had to go to Miami for a 2 hour layover. Yes, I stepped foot on American soil before my mission was over… Weird… Anyway, one would think that a 2 hour layover would be fine. Well by the time I got through immigration, customs, etc I was running late. They had told me that boarding had started at 6:15 and when it was close to that time I went to D26 not realizing that I really needed to be at D46! So when I realized my mistake I had to book it to the skytrain and hurry to D46. When I finally got there it was passed 6:15 but they hadn’t started boarding. There was a delay because of a lightening storm! Such a blessing because I was able to get something to eat. I got a wrap for like $8 and it was gross, so I ate the tortilla and some of the lettuce and tomatoes and then threw it away. I got a Nature Valley bar instead. But I was so stressed. I don’t want to do that again haha.

I am finally in MONTEGO BAY! I haven’t experienced much of it but I am excited to get to know the people here! I am serving with Sister Dill, who goes home in 5 weeks! I didn’t really know her before, but I am excited to get to know her. We clicked right away and have been laughing all the time. I love her πŸ™‚

I am back in the Jamrock. Good fi see yuh Jamaica. Bless up.

Sister Garrett

1) Last pday in Cayman… Living life on the edge…
2) JANE! I miss her…. She gave me that bag, a cute dress and Caymanite jewelry for my birthday!
3) I love Sister Wright!
4) Airplane selfie πŸ™‚


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