Week #42 Onto the Old Testament

Well hello! Sorry this has gotten out kind of lateish… In Cayman we use the church computers. One of the computers is great, and the laptop is well…. Slow to say the least… I had the slow computer and it was frozen half the time so I just had to wait until Sister Wright was done emailing.

What a week this week has been. Slow…. But we worked really hard. We have been having a hard time finding people to teach. In my whole mission I haven’t ever had as few investigators as we do now. It is rather sad. People’s agency just gets in the way. Haha 😉 It is like why don’t you want to accept Christ and His gospel? It is literally the best thing that will happen to you. But unfortunately some people don’t see it like that. We have been working really hard to find new people. We planned a whole day of finding former investigators from the Area Boom. For those of you who don’t know the Area Book is this big binder that has pages of different investigators and all the information for them that have been taught, what they have been taught, phone numbers, addresses, etc. It is basically the big book of LIFE. We have like 4-5 Area Books… Yea… The area book is a huge deal in missionary work. Anyway, so we planned this day that was supposed to be a golden day of finding new people to teach. I had a feeling that it was going to be a great day. But, everything fell through. The thing with Cayman is that there are so many people that come here, live here for a few years and then leave. We had called some of the numbers we had (some of them worked, some of them didn’t). After we called the numbers we decided to go to the addresses we found in the Area Book. We were knocking on one of the doors, expecting to find a former investigator but turns out that person moved. But Sister Wright started talking to the guy named Kimanie and it turns out he has been to the church and that it was his favorite church! We went in and had a lesson about faith with him. It was wonderful. He seems super prepared. Finding Kimani made all the other fall through lessons worth it. So we did find one golden investigator. We are planning to do a few more "Area Book Days". Hopefully we can find more people to teach! With Christ’s help, we cannot fail. Heavenly Father did not send Sister Wright and I to Cayman to fail. Rather, he sent us here to succeed.

I had a break through this past week. We were watching Two Brothers Two (I would totally suggest you to watch all of the videos, they are amazing!!!! http://www.mormonchannel.org/watch/series/two-brothers-two-1) and I just realized while watching them on their missions that I only have 8 1/2 months to serve my Savior. I will not have an opportunity like this ever again (except maybe as a senior couple). Am I really working my hardest? What can I change or continue to do to bring others to Christ and to become the missionary that Christ and Heavenly Father wants me to become? It was a great experience for me. I am going to work my hardest so that I can look back on my mission and think "yea, I did my best!" instead of "Man, I looked forward to my future life way to much".

We have a lot of people that we are working with that have made mistakes and who are struggling from making that particular mistake, whether they recognize they are struggling or not. I am so grateful for the Atonement. There is a song that Sister Wright and I jam to whose lyrics are the following ;

"If my sins where like drops of water and i try to hold them with my hands closed tight, some would slip through, right passed my fingers! I couldn’t catch them all, no matter how hard i try… And there are hands that have my name forever written on them…The price was payed and not a single soul will be forgotten,as we receive His grace. On that day, on the day of grace..through the sinless one, my sins will be washed away and i’ll stand worthy, because He stands by me with mercy and a love without end. He will lift me and i’ll never fall again….and he present me….faultless…faultless..before God…"

Such powerful versus. Think about it, if our sins were like drops of water we couldn’t catch them all. Christ is there to catch all of our sins. We just need to learn to rely on Him. We will be saved by grace, AFTER all we can do.

Random side note; I had my first vegan meal…. Yup a vegan made us a vegan meal. It was actually really good. For dessert we had this chocolate chip cookie pie made out of garbanzo beans… Weird right? And banana ice cream made out of frozen bananas and almond milk. It was surprisingly delicious. But lets be real, I would never be a vegan. No’sah.

Thank you for the video! Wow, I was crying tears of joy as I watched it. Literally bawling. So many things have happened since I received my call over a year ago. I loved the pictures and getting wished happy birthday by each of you. Chase… You think you are so silly…. Haha typical! And DJ you decorated my room with rasta stuff? That is awesome! The picture of the Lion with dreads and in red/yellow/green is totally RASTA. Haha that is so cool. Mom, you look really tan! Wow! Dad, thanks for your uplifting words. I love my four so very much. I miss you more than words can say. XOXOXO

I am so grateful to be serving in Grand Cayman. The work is hard but I am learning so many lessons.

Something that Elder Walker wrote in a previous email that I would like to share,
"Obey like Nephi, pray like Enos, endure like Abinadi."

Oh also, I finished the Pearl of Great Price, now I am onto the Old Testamant. Once the OT is done, I would have read all of the Standard Works! YA MON.

T-minus 1 day till I’m feeling 22… Tomorrows my birthdayyyyyyy!

Keep on keeping on.
Big up yuhself.

Sister Garrett

1) So Sister Wright and I have been matching so much lately, accidentally. We walked out to see eachother dressed and we were both wearing black and white. Yesterday it was our white button up shirts. Saturday was my blue top and her blue skirt. Friday was our pinkish purpleish skirts. So funny!
2) I love Jane and Julius!
3) Beautiful Cayman
4) Iguana love


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