Hey another week in Paradise,

I can’t believe another transfer is done. Wow, time has FLOWN by.

Well this week we had a cool experience. I have never heard of this happening to anyone before but Dad gave us a referral a few weeks ago, AND WE FINALLY CONTACTED THEM. Oh man, I love Bridget and Mac. Bridget has an amazing story. She grew up in a very strict Christian family. After a while she started straying and getting more into science, eventually leading her to become Atheist. She was hard core Atheist. Bridget and Mac go on RV trips every year and they hadn’t been to the North Western USA so they decided that was the place they would go. Bridget was very into Family History and wanted to stop in SLC to go see if the church had anything to help her on her journey, which they didn’t because her line is so far back. But a miracle happened. They got a crack in their windshield. Because they were traveling by RV, they had to wait 2 weeks before they could replace the windshield, so they decided to sight see while in SLC. She had a powerfully spiritual experience when they went to temple square (which she cried when she told us) and then she knew there was a God. The rest is history. It was such an amazing experience to meet them. Mac isn’t a member, but soon come. I never thought that my wonderful family would help me find new people! They live waaaaaay out in East End 45 min- 1 hr away from the church.

I don’t have my planner to see what happened each day of the week because we are using a new planner now… I can’t exactly remember what happened this week…. Sorry Mom… Saved by the bell Sister Wright has hers!

Being a District Leader is hard and stressful. I just feel like I am still learning and growing so much that I am not the one that should be DL but the Lord has seen it fit that I lead this District. "Whom the Lord calls, he qualifies", right? But I love my District, they are all such wonderful sisters.

We went to see a Less Active sister who doesn’t come because she is old and sick. When we got there we saw that her son who is a member (who hasn’t come to church is 3ish years) was there. We had a really good discussion and he agreed that we should meet his wife! We are so very excited to meet her!

This week we have had a lot of fall through days… The Lord tends to do that to us missionaries. He is stretching us right now. We are having to go out of our comfort bubbles to find people to teach since our teaching pool is very limited. We have had to drop investigators because they aren’t keeping commitments (reading the BOM, praying, attending church, etc). It is really sad but it is part of the work.

I love my mission. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The Book is blue, the Church is true and Jesus loves YOU!

Sister Garrett

1) On Sundays we go to Jack and Marcia Henry’s house for Lunch which is always fun 🙂 I love that family!
2) Lookin goooood with my companion.
3) Caymanian plums!
4) Beautiful sunset!
5) A member took us out to eat at a restaurant on the beach and I got a virgin margarita! YUMMY!


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