Week #38 Cayman is HOT like a FIYAH


This week has probably been one of the hottest weeks in my mission. It has been so incredibly hot. And come to find out, it is only going to get hotter. How can this place get any hotter? Me’na’know. We did some knocking on doors again this week. One time we knocked on this one door and we were talking to a lady and beads of sweat dripped down my back… Disgusting right? It’s just so hot!

We had ZONE CONFERENCE. That was why you all received emails on a Tuesday. I totally spaced on writing about that last week… My bad… Sorry… Haha! Anyway, so it was wonderful! We weren’t able to fly to Nassau for conference because they are saving money for when Elder/Sister Martinez come for a mission tour in August…. So it was on Skype. Not the same at all but nevertheless it was good! Lots of spiritual talks. I could listen to President Brown speak all day. He is so knowledgeable and such a wonderful speaker. He is totally going to be a seventy one day! Or maybe even a Quorum of the 12.

We had PREPARATION DAY! Since it was the last week of the transfer we decided to drive to East End and just partake of the beauty there. I love East End. It is a quite beautiful little part of the city. A member also made us cake, brownies and ice cream. Quite delicious I might say. Almost everyone here knows how much I like ice cream… Haha 🙂

We performed some service for an investigator by ironing clothes. Let me tell you something, I hope that my future husband is good at ironing because I am not. Jamaicans are SO GOOD at ironing its not even funny. They press everything. Some even press their jeans.

I can’t really remember what happened on Thursday….

I am learning how to be an adult on this mission! We had to get one of our cars appraised so that we could sell it. So we got the car appraised for $11,000ish CI. Hopefully we can get that car sold soon so we can only have one car. We saw two Less Actives named Donna and Fay. I love those two women so much. They are so feisty.

TRANSFER CALLS. We had transfer calls on Saturday. I can’t believe it has already been two transfers with Sister Wright. It has been a blessing to be her trainer. I have learned so much. Well drumroll please….. I am staying in CAYMAN for another transfer! MY WORK IS NOT DONE! Ya mon. Well I also got another calling…. I am officially the district leader for my district. Yup. Gah, the one calling I didn’t want. The Lord knew that and he put me where I wouldn’t be comfortable. I have had such amazing District Leaders, I hope that I can be as amazing as they were. I hope District Meetings can be as spiritual as previous ones were.
We also had a sweet experience on Saturday. We had a Brother in the Branch sign the dinner calendar to feed us. We couldn’t get a hold of him so we tried to call some of his friends in the branch. Turns out he had gone to the States to work, I had no idea. But Victor (who we got that info from) calls us a couple hours later and asks if we had it figured out (like if someone else was going to feed us). We said we hadn’t. So he decides to get us food to eat. We got rotisserie chicken, mac and cheese, potato salad and soda. It was so nice of him because it wasn’t his fault that we didn’t have a dinner appointment. He told us that it was a pleasure to help us out because we are doing the work for the Lord. Precious.

Always a good day at church. I gave a talk about the importance of member missionary work. I guess you could say it was a guilt trip. WE NEED THE HELP FROM THE MEMBERS. We can’t do missionary work without them. We need them. The missionaries in your area need you. Help the missionaries. Pray for the missionaries. Go teaching with the missionaries. Bring people to the missionaries. EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY.

So this week was pretty good. I hope everything is going good back home. It was fun to see those pictures of Aunt Marie and Aunt Adele and their families. I bet you are having so much fun.

Missionary work isn’t easy because Salvation isn’t easy. (I think Elder Holland said that)


Sister Garrett

PS something crazy happened in the mission this transfer. So the off islands were the only places that had Sister District Leaders. Now, starting this transfer, we have Sister District Leaders on island (Jamaica) as well as a SISTER TRAINING LEADER ZONE LEADER which happens to be my dear “mommy” Sister Mouritsen. She is so great.

1) Sister Fay
2) The likkle pikne sucks his fingers like I did. Precious.
3) A BARRACUDA! Yup. People eat them.


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