First off, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the coolest Dad I know. Hope the family spoiled you Pops! I am so grateful that I have such a wonderful father who has taught me more lessons than I can even name. Thank you for all that you do for me. I love you so very much Daddy.

We worked so incredibly hard this past week. This week we worked a lot with RC/LA (Recent Convert and Less Active) members. We made a goal for ourselves to contact everyone on the branch list. Sister Wright and I were hoping that it would lead to us being able to reactivate members and to find new investigators. We found that because we had a year old list there were lots of people who had moved or changed their numbers. But in the end we tried to find people, and succeeded! We are teaching a Less Active name Victor and we found some new investigators. It was a great thing to see how the Spirit truly was leading us.

We were truly protected by angels this week. I have had many Priesthood blessings that have said that I will feel the presence of angels while on my mission. This week, I swear we were protected by some. We were going through our branch list and came across a LA Sister who lived in the area where we were, so we decided to go find her. We noticed there was a Dog in her yard. When we go across the lawn to knock on her door all of a sudden a huge dog started barking and running straight at us! My heart started pounding and I was so scared, when all of a sudden the dog randomly jolted the other way and didn’t attack us. It was a very scary moment and Sister Wright and I had. I would like to think that angels were watching over us. We are okay now!

We had a really cool experience during extra studies yesterday. Extra Studies is an extra hour that missionaries who are being trained get every day to study the gospel. So at the beginning of the study I had gotten the prompting to do a role play. I was trying to ignore it because role plays aren’t my favorite but I knew that I couldn’t ignore the prompting. So we role played a lesson about helping an investigator understand the importance of reading the Book of Mormon (since they hadn’t read it). I played the role of the missionary first, and Sister Wright played the role of a investigator. Then we switched and had Sister Wright be the missionary and I was the investigator. The lesson that Sister Wright taught was POWERFUL. We both got into the spirit of the role play and the spirit was so incredibly strong that afterwards I teared up. It was amazing the lesson that Sister Wright gave to me and as the "investigator" I could totally feel that I needed to read the Book of Mormon. It goes to show that even when you are acting out a lesson, the Spirit can be there.

We had another cool experience with the Spirit. So each night we have nightly planning to plan for the next day. One night a LA member named Dena came into my head. Now Dena lives all the way in West Bay so we weren’t sure if we would be able to see her. Things fell through that day and we were able to see her. Turns out she had prayed that someone would come to help her! We helped with some service of sweeping/cleaning. In return for that service she made us fritters (basically fried bread dough, kind of), fried chicken and rice and peas! It was delicious. The Spirit led us to see her.

It was an amazing week! I hope everyone had as good of a week as I did. This week FLEW by.

Sister Garrett

1) Paying an $$$$$$$expensive$$$$$$$$$ speeding ticket… #LessonLearned
2) Fried Chicken, fritters and rice and peas at Dena’s house! YUM. So unhealthy but so delicious!
3) Sister Wright and I got all dressed up on Sunday because our Landlord Danny is a professional photographer and wanted to get our picture before one of us gets transferred.


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