Week #35 8 Months and Welcome to Hurricane Season

Why can I never think of what happened during the week when I write my weekly emails? Talk about stupor of thought… Haha!

I have been out officially 8 months! Where has the time gone? Time FLIES on a mission.

Well as of June 1, Hurricane Season has officially begun. There is nothing like a "Welcome to Hurricane Season" like a what we think was a huge tropical wave. A Tropical wave is part of a Tropical Storm. A Tropical Storm is what turns into Hurricane. Basically it has been raining allllllllll week. Now Sister Mouritsen can testify to this cause she served here, but when it rains in Cayman everything floods. We got so much rain that streets were flooded and I guess there was a person riding his canoe in the street. No clue if that is true, a member told us that they saw a picture of it on Facebook. So yea, there are places that we can’t go (or we have to find a way around) because of the roads being flooded. Cayman is so flat that everything floods. It literally rained from 6:30 am-7 pm one day. Non stop. And it has continued almost every day. One particularly bad day of rain, we parked to go to a members house for dinner, I step out of the car and into a huge puddle that went to my ankle… My Toms were soaked… Yea, crazy storm. On the worst day of hard rain water came into people’s houses and flooded their houses. It was some deep water. It didn’t rain on Saturday, then it rained on Sunday but today it hasn’t rained… But there are some scary clouds out there right now. I love the rainnnn! Is it bad that I kind of want to live through a hurricane so I can tell the grandkids in 50 years "When I was on my mission, I lived through a hurricane…" People here think I am crazy.

We had a super cool experience. So a couple weeks ago we were leaving a Recent Converts house and this guy was walking by my car. I wasn’t going to say anything but then all of a sudden my feet started moving towards him and I was talking to him. Our mission has been emphasizing using the Book of Mormon more while we proselyte, so we gave this guy, named Scotty, a Book of Mormon, got his contact info and scheduled an appointment. We went to the appointment thinking it was only going to be him there, but his crew was there as well. There were 8 other late 20’s-early 40’s male Jamaicans there. It was so cool. But there was a drunk guy. Satan always has to ruin good moments. The other guys were all like "Be quite, we want to listen to what they have to say" (in not so kind words haha) or "just ignore him". It was funny. But yea, we ended up placing 8 Books of Mormons with 8 Restoration tracts with them that meeting. I have never placed that many at one time in my whole mission. Crazy. The Spirit was strong. We also placed two more BOM’s that night. It was a really good day. We were supposed to meet them again but the place was flooded out. You literally could not get to their yard without getting out of the car and getting into deep water. It was crazy, so we had to cancel 😦 Oh well.

We are teaching a member’s father-in-law. His name is George and he is 80 something years old. He is a wonderful old Jamaican. He accepted a baptismal date for the end of June! I am so excited. I wanted to have Sister Wright’s first baptism here with me, while she is being trained!

I remember driving this week and the song "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" came on. My eyes started watering up. I do know that my Redeemer lives. He lives. He absolutely lives. I cannot deny that. He lives and desires for us to return to live with him again. We always need to rely on Christ. He knows exactly what we are going through (even before we go through it), so he knows how to help us.

Our mission president has issued the challenge to read the Book of Mormon every 100 days. So in other words, read the Book of Mormon in 100 days and then start it over and read it in 100 days. I can testify of the power that comes from that. I love reading my Book of Mormon so fast. I have learned so many new things each time I pick up the Book of Mormon. I would challenge you each to do that, especially you missionaries. Read the Book of Mormon every 100 days and see how much it effects your proselyting.

I also have been reading Docterine & Covenants because I want to read all of the Standard Works while on my mission. D&C 88 is such a good section. I couldn’t get enough of it. Amazing.

The church is true, the Book is Blue and Jesus loves YOU.

Sister Garrett

1) 8 Months OUT
2) I am a crab serial killer. There have been SO MANY crabs out lately since the rain has been falling. I have run over so many crabs… Opps… But really though I have never seen so many wild crabs out and about on the road before.
3) A dress that a member gave me! Soooo pretty and soooo comfy.
4) This is supposed to be a Cricket field… Nope it’s a lake now!


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