Week #34 Tis the season to be sneezin.


So it seems like my body’s immune system tends to catch everything that is going around. First, I got Chicvi. Now, there has been a bad flu bug going around. Unfortunately I caught it… Now my nose is all stuffy, I keep sneezing (hence the subject line), coughing, sore throat. The works. Being sick as a missionary is never fun.

So this week has been quite a sad one to be honest. Please pray for my companion, Sister Wright. She experienced quite a big tragedy this week. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I got a ticket this week…. LAME…

On the bright side here are some little miracles that have happened this week;
1) Lot’s of members here know how much I like Pineapple. We were at the Ashby’s house for Missionary Coordination meeting and Sister Ashby decided to make pineapple scones and coconut scones. Oh my goodness let me tell you how delicious they were. I don’t usually like coconut but those scones were so good! I love Sister Ashby, one of my mission mom’s right there haha!
2) We passed around the dinner calander yesterday and almost every single night was signed (except for three nights). It’s a miracle. It’s the little things man.
3) I finished reading the Book of Mormon in 102 dayssss! I have gained such a strong witness that the Book of Mormon is true. It has to be true. All people here and across the world have to do to come to know if it is true is to read the book, ponder the message and pray to God asking if it is true. I love reading the Book of Mormon. I learn something new each and every time I pick the book up. It’s funny because the black print of the book never changes, but the white part or the feelings and the promptings change each time. What I do in my Book of Mormon is something that my wonderful trainer, Sister Mouritsen, did. Each time I get a prompting, special thought or if the scripture stuck out I write a note and then I put the date and where I was at the time (like Cayman or Ocho Rios). It make my notes even more personal. I love how colorful and used my scriptures are looking! THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE! Funny story, the mission president just issued a challenge for all of us to read the Book of Mormon every 100 days. I finished in 102 days not knowing that he was going to challenge that haha! I started today and my goal is to read my Book of Mormon in 100 days and then to start over and read it again in 100 days. At this point of my mission I can read it 3 times if I read it every 100 days.
4) We had something called Discovery Day with our branch. It was all about doing family history work. It was a wonderful night activity. We watched a video about finding our "cousins". It was about these little kids who were doing family history. I totally was crying… Don’t ask me why… At one point in the video there was a 7 year old doing family history, and of course he couldn’t take the names he found to the temple so he asked his 13 year old brother to do it for him. It was such a good video! It made me understand how important it is for us to do family history. We need to connect our families all the way back to Adam and Eve. I am grateful for my cousin, Kelsee, for doing so much work to link our ansestors together. Kelsee, you are working miracles and you will be blessed for all of your efforts. So I would say, do your family history as well as to go to the temple. Not having a temple close is hard for me, but at this time I need to be working on saving souls who are on this Earth.
5) Last p-day we used beach chairs that we found at the house and took them to the beach. SO RELAXING. We also got our skirts soaked because the waves were rolling hard and the tide was high. We were trying to go for conk shells during high tide… Haha it was fun šŸ™‚ We got a few shells!

Even though we had some pretty big hardships come this week, we were also blessed with tiny miracles. That just goes to show how much God loves us. He gave us opportunities to feel the Spirit and to help others.

Never give up. Keep building your relationship with Christ. He knows what you are going through. He knows where you have been, where you are now and where you are going. He loves each of us so very much. Never forget that.

Sister Garrett

1) Amazing scones!
2) Hanging at the beach!
3) Paradise
4) Chilling on the beach!
5) Our conk shells


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