Week #33 Another Transfer GONE

What’s happening over there in the outside world?

Well, this week marks Sister Wright’s first transfer completed. 1 down, 12 (I think) to go. I can’t believe we have been companions for one whole transfer. Time absolutely FLIES when you are on your mission, especially when you are with a companion who you love.

This week was so much better than last week. We almost doubled our lesson numbers. This week we have been working a lot with our Recent Convert/Less Active members. We had an incredible 14 lessons with many different RC/LA. I love those members with all of my heart. We are working really hard with them to help them feel the same feeling that they felt when they got baptized. It is so important that members always remember that at one time or another they knew this church was true. We saw the Barton’s twice this past week. Oh how I love them. Sister Barton promised that she and her husband would be at church the next day, even though she was working 7 pm- 7 am at the prison. And guess what, Brother and Sister Barton were at church! It has been a long time since they have come and I was soooo excited to see them there. Oh man, it was the best!

Sister Wright and I have been talking a lot about the Book of Mormon as part of her training. Over and over again I gain a stronger and stronger testimony that the Book of Mormon is true. It has to be true. I cannot deny that. One of my absolute FAVORITE talks about the Book of Mormon is Elder Jeffery R. Holland “Safety For the Soul”. I would recommend everyone to watch this talk. You can read it to but watching it is so powerful.


I love my mission. I love my calling. I would not want to be anywhere else. Keep Sister Wright in your prayers, keep me in your prayers, keep all the JKM missionaries in your prayers.

I love you.

Sister Garrett

1) Alla Kabob is the best thing to eat!!!!
2) Baby kitty at the Powells house!
3) BABY GIO! Meet Jane’s grandson.
4) Funny story, we decided to go big or go home and get medium blizzards (instead of Mini or Smalls) at DQ… Turns out that Sister Wright accidently ordered a large… HAHAHA! So funny!
5) Swag with a RC named Julius.


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