Week #32 Prayers really do work miracles


This week was one of those weeks where almost everything on every single day seemed to fall through. So many appointments got cancelled. But something that I have learned on my mission is that you have to know that hard weeks in order to grow and enjoy more fully the good weeks. All I can say is that with all of these appointments falling through, I hope that I am training Sister Wright to be an excellent missionary despite the hard weeks.

This week we had SISTERS CONFERENCE! Oh how I love Sister’s Conference. It is a time where we get together as sisters in the mission (off-island sisters skype in) and we have a spiritual training meeting. The poor Elders don’t have a meeting like this… But let’s be real, girls just need some uplifting words every once in a while! Sister’s conference happens twice a year, can you believe that I only have one Sisters Conference left? Crazy! At Sisters Conference we get fed, but being off-island we didn’t think we would! Buuuuut they told us to go get food and they would reimburse us! YA MON! I got Ala Kabob. Oh man that place is DELICIOUS. Anyways, it was good to see the sisters as well as President and Sister Brown. I had been praying so hard about something that I have been struggling with lately and from the moment President Brown started to speak I knew he was speaking for me. I’m sure all the sisters felt that way, but it was an answer to many many prayers. The spirit was soooo strong. I can’t even put into words how much I needed to hear what President talked about.

I have come to gain such a strong testimony about prayer the longer and longer I have been out on my mission. Prayer really does work. I have grown to enjoy to get on my knees to pray, instead of being lazy and just pray while sitting down. I have grown to love to pray, instead of forgetting to pray. I have grown to want to pray for a longer periods of time, instead of for a minute or two. God really does hear our prayers. Many times in the scriptures it talks about us as humans being the dust of the Earth. God is this great, all powerful God who has created worlds without number, yet as insignificant as we are compared to him (we are the dust of the earth) he still hears each one of our prayers. He hears us. That is so incredible to me. I love to pray. Just like President Monson says, "Our Heavenly Father does answer prayers, in his own time and in his own way".

Sorry this is kind of short, but I love you all so much. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Sister Garrett

Pic- Doing the Lord’s work at Jane’s house with Jane, Steve and Julius 🙂


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