First off, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my dear dear mother. I have to say, I have the best mother ever. I have been so blessed. Thanks mama for all you have done for me to support me in all that I have done, especially as I have been on my mission. Also, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you second mothers of mine, you know who you are šŸ˜‰

It was soooo wonderful to be able to Skype my family on Sunday. Can I just say how grown up every one looked? David and Chase you two are getting so big! I am going to be the short one soon. Soon come we will have our family all over the world with TWO kids on missions! I can’t wait to see where David gets called to šŸ™‚ Being on my mission has showed me how much I love my family, how much they actually mean to me. Yes, before my mission I loved my family (duh!) but as I have been on my mission I have come to realize how important eternal families are. We have the ability to be a family FOREVER and ever and ever. We all need to live worthily so that we can live with each once more. Don’t let any silly sin or any silly mistake or any silly challenge keep you from living with your family in the Celestial Kingdom. There is nothing more important than that. We will all have hard times but we MUST rely on the one person who has been lower than all of us, even Jesus Christ. He will help us get through any sin, mistake or challenge, no matter what. We have to rely on Christ if we want to live with our families forever.

These past few weeks we have been having to do so much stuff for the office that normally the senior couples or the office elders would do… Such as, taking our car to get inspected, trying to sell our car, getting work permit stuff figured out, paying water/phone bills, etc. I feel like a “grown-up” now… Haha! When they kick you out to isolation those are some of the lessons you learn haha šŸ˜‰

This week was a pretty good week. Nothing too exciting happened (besides talking to my family) but still good never the less.

I got my hair cut and permed today!!! I was ready for a change. Unfortunately the ends aren’t really curly. Don’t ask me why… Maybe it will get curlier as time goes on haha!

I am still reading 3 Nephi and all I have to say is that is my favorite book of the Book of Mormon. I just read about the 3 Nephites. Ahhh amazing.

I am having the time of my life and just as everyone who served a mission says, it goes by waaaaay fast. This past week I have hit my 7 month mark. Crazy! But I am getting lost in the work more and more every day.

I know this church is true. It has to be true. There is no way that it couldn’t be true. So many people have tried to disprove the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, etc and none have succeeded. Satan is going to fight his hardest against the church that is the true church. I am so grateful to be serving a mission for my Lord, my Savior, my God. I am a representative of Jesus Christ called to bring people to repentance, into the waters of baptism and onto eternal life. There is nothing that is more important than that at this time. I love what I do.

Sister Garrett

1) $wag with Sister Wright
2) 7 months… Whaaaa?
3) I will never tire of wearing this name tag.
5) Waiting for a member to get home. No selfie shame.

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