Week #29 Talking to everyone, YA MON


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY TWO BIG LITTLE BROTHERS 🙂 Shout out to David who turned 20 yesterday and Chase who is turning 16 tomorrow! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear brothers, happy birthday to you! I’ll make it up to you next year! I love you boys.

Well this week has been interesting. Training is going really well. Sister Wright is so much more prepared to be a missionary than I ever was when I came out. She is great. Our companionship is going great, I am learning more and more each day. I feel like I am the one being trained not me training.

We have been working really hard on finding new investigators because the people we have been teaching haven’t really been progressing. So we have been talking to everyone we come in contact with. We have actually found 5 new investigators this week! AMAZING. We called some people in our phone and set up an appointment. With one of them he said that he had a friend that wanted to meet with us as well. We had what is called a purpose and Godhead lesson which we talk about our purpose as missionaries and that we believe that God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and three separate beings but one in purpose. Well, we planned on doing that but basically they had so many questions like what is our opinion on Hell? That we had a huge lesson about a ton of different topics. One of the guys even said that he wanted to hear more. The Word of Wisdom/Law of Chastity was brought up and he said that he would give up smoking his cigars because his salvation is worth more! So these two young guys have great potential 🙂

We had a good-bye party for the Renyolds this week. It was fun, a potluck and karaoke! I ate so much…. But it was delicious 🙂 I tried Conk… It was weird… It is official, we are the only missionaries on this island. The only ones. That is really hard but we learn to rely on the branch. The Grand Cayman branch has become our family.

So my mind is blanking on what happened this week… Haha but I hope you all had a wonderful week 🙂

The Atonement is real. I have gained such a strong testimony that the Atonement is for all of us. I have some shocking news. I am a sinner. You are a sinner. We all sin. But through Christ and his Atonement we are able to become clean. Our sins though the be like scarlet shall be made white. It is so much easier to live a Celestial life. Did you know that? It is much easier to live for God than for the Devil. When we live for God and live the “Celestial life” than we will be blessed with more things than we can imaging. If we live in the world and live for the Devil, only unhappiness can follow because the Devil wants to drag everyone down. He is jealous that we have a body and he will never have one. He is throwing a big temper tantrum haha! You cannot serve two masters. It’s either serving God or serving the Devil. Ask yourself, who are you serving?

I love you so incredibly much. I miss my home, my family, my friends but I would never change where I am. This mission has changed my life, these people are changing my life.

Ofa Lehi Atu
Sister Garrett

PS- Meet Sister Wright, my “daughter” 🙂


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