Week #28 This time next year….

Wa’guan me ute?

So this time next year, I will be at my last transfer meeting. This time next year I will be home. Uhhhhh what? I have 365 days left as a missionary. Where has the time gone? I can say from now on, this time next year I will be home…. Missions just fly by waaaay too fast.

Anyway, so FINALLY I got my likkle pickne (little child in patios). Sister Wright came into Cayman Friday night at 10:20ish pm. Yea, it was a late night. Sister Wright is from Spanish Town, Jamaica. She has been a member for 2 years now and is the only member in her entire family. We are getting along great, I just love her. She is outgoing and funny, which is exactly what this area needs. The members here already love her and are joking around with her last night. Good thing it’s Sister RIGHT or else it would be Sister WRONG… Haha oh the people here are so funny!

On Saturday, her first day on the island, I made sure that we were non-stop working all day. We were on the go all day (besides when Jane randomly fed us lunch and when we went to the Renyolds place at night, they made us chicken pot pie!). Saturday was an amazing first day on the island for her. It went almost all the way as planned. We went to see the Boddens, whom I absolutely love! They are members 🙂 Then we went to Bodden Town and saw Steve and Jane. We didn’t think Steve was going to be there cause we hadn’t gotten a hold of him on his phone but he was at her house. BLESSINGS. So we had a Plan of Salvation lesson with him. It was absolutely amazing. The Spirit was SO STRONG. I committed him to pray to know if the Plan of Salvation was true, and what does he say? He said he already knew that it was true…. What?… I was baffled, speechless. It was silent for a few seconds while we all just look at him. I was all like uhhh that is great! Haha he actually got me speechless when he said that. We were all taken back; me, Sister Wright and Jane! It was such a good lesson. We also committed him to being baptized on May 23! YAY! Now we gotta call Pres Brown to tell him cause Pres had promised that he would come. And Steve came to church again this week! Two weeks in a row, ya mon! After Steve we went to Brother Welcome’s (a Recent Convert) house and had a pretty good lesson about the Plan of Salvation as well. Man it was a Plan of Salvation kind of day haha! Then we went to see Jordan (a Recent Convert) and had another super spiritual lesson. We read part of Alma 5. For those of you who haven’t read, or don’t remember reading Alma 5 I would suggest you read it and ask the questions that Alma asks. Verse 26 says; “And now, behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can you feel so now?” We had a really good conversation about how he felt when he got baptized, how he feels now and what he can do to feel the same way he felt before. It was a powerful lesson. We had some other lessons but those lessons were absolutely amazing. The Spirit was so incredibly strong. I am so happy that it happened that way for Sister Wright’s first day. It just goes to show that the Lord is mindful of us.

Sunday was amazing like usual. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I’m playing the piano for Sacrament meeting… Good thing you kept me going with piano all those years mom. It’s really paying off. We got fed twice, within 2 hours of each other. The first meal was delicious! Fried chicken, rice and peas, cole slaw and salad (a typical carribean meal). The second meal not so much… Turtle and cow foot….. Cow foot wasn’t too bad taste wise. It tasted good but cow foot is gummy. It’s like eating a beef flavored gummy worm. That threw me off. I don’t like cow foot. And turtle is turtle. We were stuffed by the end of those meals.

Now it’s P-DAY! I am going to take Sister Wright up to Rum Point. Rum Point is a place with BEAUTIFUL beaches and then probably up to the places were starfish tend to live. It’s going to be fun.

Well I’m out here loving missionary work. Sister Wright and I are working hard to help bring souls to Christ. I am going to train her to be the best missionary this mission has ever seen!

I love this gospel with all of my heart and soul. I want to go yell it on top of a mountain (too bad Cayman doesn’t have any mountains..). This is Christ’s church. He is at the head.

Can you feel the song of redeeming love?

Sister Garrett

PS I pet a cow! Ya mon.


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