Week#27 6 Months Out and a Golden Investigator

Barack Obama, Portia Simpson-Miller
President Barack Obama poses with Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller prior to their bilateral meeting at the Jamaica House, Thursday, April 9, 2015 in Kingston, Jamaica.

This week has been very different than what I have ever experienced as a missionary. So I am still with out my trainee…. To make a long story short, Obama was in Jamaica and made everything get messed up. The office has to send paperwork via DHL to us. And because Obama was super close to the mission office the DHL pick up schdual was off because of the throngs of people who wanted to see the President of the USA. And the DHL plane was off schdual because of Obamas plane. At least that is what we figured. So we haven’t gotten immigration papers yet. Hopefully we can get them today so we can go to immigration and start her work permit stuff. We are hoping Sister Wright will get here on Friday! I’m so excited to receive my likkle pickne.

So I have been hanging out and doing missionary work with the senior couple, the Reynolds. They have been so kind to me and they fed me everyday. They are so funny and nice!

President and Sister Brown came out this weekend with little baby Jarom! They came to say goodbye to the Reynolds (who leave in less than 2 weeks) as well as to set up the elders quorum presidency in their branch. It was amazing to have them here. They went teaching with me all day on Saturday… I was so nervous to take the mission president and his wife teaching all by myself. Teaching with Pres was fun! He is an absolutely amazing teacher. When he speaks, people listen!

This week we found the most golden investigator I have ever talked to since I got to Cayman. We went to go teach a recent convert named Jane a lesson and Steve happened to be there. We watched the John Tanner movie and talked about the Restoration. He said that he had previously searched the Joseph Smith movie. He also said that he had a strong feeling he needed to go to Jane’s church. The next time we saw him he had read Jane’s phamplets about their Plan of Salvation, Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity!!!! President and Sister Brown were there for this meeting. We had a powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon. He seemed to accept what we were saying. Pres committed him to baptism when Steve comes to know for himself that the church was true. The cool part was, was that Pres even promised to go to his baptism!!!! How cool is that? The mission president promised Steve that he would be there! The spirit was so strong in that lesson. I can’t get over how amazing that lesson was.

I had my 6th month mark this week…. Time is flying by waaaaay too quickly. By the time I am done training I will be half way done with my mission. Not cool.

It has been a good week. The church is true, the Book is blue and Jesus loves you!

Sister Garrett

PS no pics again because I’m emailing from the Reynolds tablet… Sorry bout that!



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