Week #24 Nassau bound in T-Minus 4 days


This email is going to be short because I am using the senior couples tablet to email (the computer at the church wasn’t working)!

~The members here are starting to really love and trust the missionaries again, thank goodness. I love the members here 🙂 they treat us sooooo good!
~We had a very spiritual Restoration lesson with a new investigator. He had a problem with all the hypocrisy going on within the different churches (like the immodest dress on Sundays, churches getting money for gain, etc) so when he was a teenager he stopped going to church. And Joseph Smith had a very similar concern. The lesson was so spiritual!! The spirit was so strong. And it was taught on the beach so it was amazing all around.
~IM GOING TO NASSAU, BAHAMAS FOR ZONE CONFERENCE!!!! To say I’m excited is a drastic understatement. Not only am I going to the Bahamas (an island that I’ve wanted to go to since that Mary Kate and Ashley movie that came out years ago), but I get to see President Brown, the other missionaries and my trainer Sister Mouritsen!!!!! I’m so excited. We leave Friday night and don’t Gert back to Cayman till Monday nighty. Its cool. Because Sister Ramp served for 6 months there! We are pumped!

Well that’s it for this week. Kind of a slow week but I’m still so happy to be serving the Lord!

***Its 85 degrees and its only 6:30. Roll out of bed to find another shirt thats dirty. Drop to my knees and pray, hopin today would go our way. Walkin on Jamrock in two feet of sand….. Teaching the rasta the Plan of Salvation, serving the Lord on an island in the sea. Through the winds and the waves I hope you’re thinking of me!***
(Part of a song that two missionaries from this mission wrote about the Jamaica Kingston Mission! Love that song!!!)
I love this gospel!
Tip of the day: When you are going through the repentance process you really have to learn how to forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself can be hard because Satan doesnt want you to feel the happiness and joy that the Atonement offers. When you dont forgive yourself, you are denying yourself the Atonement and what Christ did for all of us!
Sister Garrett



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