Week #22 The prettiest mission goes to…. JAMAICA KINGSTON MISSION


So this week was a pretty great one! Sister Rampersad and I have been working extremely hard. The work in Cayman has to do a lot with building trust with the members.

Let me just take a second to talk about how much I love the members here. They are amazing. When you treat the members with respect, love and kindness, they will in turn treat you well. This week we have been fed so much, I feel like those American missionaries who get fed everyday! One member took us out to eat… Guess where… SUSHI! It was delicious. That is something that I didn’t think that I would ever get to eat on my mission. Sushi! It was so delicious. We really are spoiled being off island.

Brother Welcome is getting baptized this Saterday! We are so excited. His daughter and grandson were baptized right before I got here and he is following in their footsteps. He is the sweetest Caymanian ever! He has a Breadfruit tree in his yard, and one day I told him how much I loved roasted/fried Breadfruit. Well, a few days later we are at Jane, his daughters, house and she feeds us and what does she provide? ROASTED BREADFRUIT, just because her dad had told her how much I liked it. How kind is that? Jane and Juilius (her son) are the sweetest. Julius looks like a mini Sean Kingston, the singer! Haha he is so cute and funny! I love going and having lessons with that family.

The Bodden family is so sweet. You will be so proud of me, I totally picked up a pig head. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever done, but at least I did it. Picture will be sent haha!

We had a great lesson with Victor. The Spirit was SO STRONG when we talked about the Book of Mormon and when we watched the Restoration video. He is really softening to the gospel. He opened up a lot when we brought the Senior Couple, the Reynolds, with us to see him. Victor is Brother Welcomes friend so lets hope he continues to accept the gospel.

I LOVE my mission. I encourage all those who are worthy and able to go on a mission. It is the best thing that you will ever do. God is changing me into a better person, I am not the girl that left 5 months ago. I am a better person.

Oh by the way, yesterday was my mission anniversary. I have officially been out 5 months! How crazy is that? Time is flying.

Love you all! Don’t forget to have FHE tonight and to read your scriptures and pray.

Sister Garrett

Picture- I told you I had the prettiest mission! This was a gorgeous sunset that we stumbled across on the way to an appointment! So pretty! Ya mon.


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