Week #21 Well I’m basically in America and LOVING it

“Hey now hey now this is what dreams are made of…”

Well I didn’t think that I would be in Cayman for a long while but I guess the Lord needs me here now. So basically I was told that is was going to take like a week to get me to Cayman because of immigration and visas and such, so I went with Sister Oman. I LOVE Sister Oman, basically we already decided that we are going to be roommates at BYU when I get back. Funny story, Sister Mouritsen (my trainer) wanted us to serve together and we totally did. I got to spend time in Portmore. Portmore is HOT. Man it was HOT. But it was so fun. It was my first time walking which was… Hot… But it was good 🙂 So we thought I would be there longer. On Friday morning we were told by Sister Hall that I probably wouldn’t get here until Monday at the earliest, then that night around 6:00 pm we get a call from the Sister Training Leaders saying that I was going to Cayman the next day and that they would pick me up around 5:55 am… That was totally unexpected because we had talked to Sister Hall earlier that day… So we got up at 4:35 am the next morning to get ready and to go to the airport. Then I was off. I grabbed two festivals and a limemade for breakfast and got onto the plane. It was such a short flight. One moment we were in the air and the next we were in Cayman.

I was so worried that I was going to not like Cayman… But boy was I wrong… I LOVE CAYMAN. Man this place is gorgeous. There are some WEALTHY people who live here. It is expensive to live here so you have to be pretty well to do. We have members that take us to stush restaurants and stuff. The members here treat the missionaries like gold. That’s the thing, when you gain the trust with the members they will treat you amazingly. It’s totally great.

Cayman is basically America. They have Popeyes and…. DAIRY QUEEN! We went to DQ the day I got there. It was so good… I love that place.. Haha but basically because the members feed us so often we don’t have to get a ton of things for groceries other than breakfast and lunch. Its the best.

We are really here to build back the relationships with the member, which I LOVE. I love the members of this branch so much. They are all so nice, loving and kind.

So Cayman was under British rule (they even have the queen on the money) and so the accents here are so sweet. It’s like a British/Jamaican accent combined so it kind of sounds Irish. And on top of that some speak patios. Its so fun 🙂 I love their accent.

I love Cayman. I also love the chance that I get to serve with Sister Rampersad. She is from Trinidad and is so sweet. We like the same music back home and we just get along real well. She actually knew that I would be getting transferred there before transfer calls. Cayman needs the chill down to earth missionaries, not the uptight ones because the members don’t like that and so for that reason Sister Ramp knew I would go there and be her companion. How cool is that? She said that part of my reputation in the mission is being chill and down to Earth. Well that’s sweet haha.

What else to sayyy? I don’t know. I just love Cayman.

Love from your Caymainian Jamaican,
Sister Garrett

Pic- look what I found in Cayman!!!!


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