Week #20 Why hello Cayman, I don’t think we’ve met yet.




This week was absolutely CRAZY! So much happened. Well to start off we got transfer calls on Saterday and I officially found out that I am leaving beautiful Ocho Rios and going to the Cayman island…. I’m going to be honest with ya’ll. Cayman was the LAST place I wanted to go to. The very last place. Why? Two reasons:1) Well I LOVE Jamaica with all of my soul. This place means the world to me.
2) Almost everyone gains weight in Cayman…
So basically I’m going back to America… Cayman is basically America… I don’t know how I feel about that… Hahaha! But nevertheless I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me. I know I will be there for a while because when you go off island you stay for at least 3 transfers… Usually… Sister Mouritsen, my wonderful trainer, served there for 41/2 months! She was stoked to hear that I was getting transferred there…

Wednesday we had zone meeting. It was amazing! I love the North Coast Zone so much. And we had Wendy’s! Who would have thought that there would be a Wendy’s here in Jamaica.

So why was this week crazy? Well on Thursday we had our phone on silent during personal studies and when we checked the phone we had 8 missed calls from the Assistants to the President and the Sister Training Leaders… Opps… So we hurried and called the AP’s back. They told us to go immediately to Kingston, about 2 1/2 hours away from Ochi. So we booked it. He sounded super serious like something was wrong so we hurried. Well the reason why we had to go to Kingston, come to find out, was to get my work permit for Cayman all settled. I had to get police records and had to get fingerprinted. I got to see the STL’s and have amazing food for lunch. Terrieki chicken, rice and salad! Yum.

Friday I had an interview with President Brown which was always great. President can’t hold a secret at all… He told me that I was going to Cayman. He told me that sometimes transfers decisions can be finished in two weeks, but for whatever reason this transfer cycle took longer. He said I probably wont get to Cayman for another week because of it (paper work is no fun). I love my President. He is seriously AMAZING. Words can’t describe.

Then on Saturday we had to go to Sister Thompson’s grandmothers funeral in Mandeville, another 2 1/2 hours from Ochi. It was an interesting funeral. Very “pentocastal” you could say. Lots of singing, clapping, etc. The pastor went on this talk about how we are the grass and we all must die. Kind of sad the way he was talking because I know that we will live again. I know that there is life after this life. We are blessed to live with our families forever. I will be forever grateful for that knowledge. I love my family! When I met Sister Thompsons mom she gave me a kiss on the cheek. Precious. Sister Thompson hasnt seen her family for 16 month so it was pretty intense when she saw everyone. She had a ton of family come from the states for the funeral. It was my first Jamaican funeral! We also got to see the branch building in Mandeville. It was really cool because the church started in Mandeville! Way cool. There were also some sister missionaries inside that I got to see 🙂 Love them.

Sunday was a sad day. I had to say goodbye to the Ochi branch family that helped me become the person I am today. President Hardy gave me and Elder Jones (he is getting transferred to Old Harbor) an opportunity to bear our testimonies one last time. I teared up at the beginning but made it through with out crying. Elder Jones got up there and was crying and he made me cry so bad. Ocho Rios is my home. I will forever love this place. When Sister Thompson (the member) found out I was getting transferred she cried. I will miss her. That day we got fed fish, rice and peas and chips (fries). Delicious. We also went and had FHE with the wonderful Francis family and participated in the last Sunday traditions. Including running races, the boys wrestling Elder Jones because he is leaving and having a huge flour fight. So much fun. I love that family.

Well basically that was my crazy week. Not a lot of proselyting because of everything that happened! Gotta love the mission life 🙂

Hope all is well out there! BLESS UP.

Sister Garrett

PS no pictures because we went to the church today and I forgot my sd card reader… Sorry…
PSS It’s official, after this week I hate driving….



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