Week #17~ North Coast Zone Is the Best Zone!

This week has flown by! On Wednesday we had the most spiritual zone meetings I have ever been to, and most likely the most spiritual one I will EVER go to. It was absolutely inspired by the Lord. I am so grateful for Elder Wilkerson and Elder Henderson for being so in tune with the Lord to provide such a wonderful meeting. We first talked about the Standards of Excellence and the “raising the bar”. We talked about how we are absolutely nothing with out the Lord, but with the Lord we are everything (Alma 26:12). Then we went on to talk about Moroni 10:3-5 and how we need to read, ponder and pray to receive divine revelation. We talked specifically about pondering. The Zone Leaders then gave us 10 minutes to pray and ponder the fact to know that the Standards of Excellence are attainable. Our Standards of Excellence are “1)Always have 4 progressing investigators, 2) baptize weekly, 3) reactivate 1 male/1 family each month and 4) 100% retention” So first I prayed for guidance and to know for myself that the Standards of Excellence are achievable. After praying, I was thumbing through my scriptures and pondering when I came across Mosiah 28:3. I love that scripture, that is how all missionaries should feel. We should be DESIROUS to bring souls to Christ. So I came to the conclusion that we have to have a desire to achieve the standards of excellence. Then D&C 31:3-5 came to my head. If we work as hard as we can, we will have our sins forgiven. I bear witness that I know that the standards of excellence are achievable. It will take desire and hard work but we can reach those goals. I know we can. It was such a spiritual moment for me, and the rest of the North Coast Zone. It was powerful, the spirit was so strong. All of us, I’m sure, gained a witness that we can achieve these goals. Watch out, soon come, the North Coast Zone will achieve the standards of excellence. Words can’t describe how amazing that meeting was. Sister Thompson and I were asked to speak about how to end a conversation when you are out finding new investigators. It was really good.
This week was hard on Sister Thompson, please pray for her. I won’t go into details but please keep her in your prayers!
We have been teaching a ton of investigators lately. I am so grateful for all the people that i have been teaching.
SANDRA WAS AT CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!!! Sandra is the less active that hasn’t been to church in over a year. We have been working so hard with her. She finally came! It was absolutely a miracle that she was there. In fact, we have been teaching her daughters the lessons. They took them a year ago, but stopped when their mom went Less Active. But Ewanah and Shenik were at Church as well. Doreen was there to! On Sunday we had a Carribean Conference for just the islands here in the Caribbean. Elder Holland, President Packer, Sister Oscarson and one other person who I can’t remember their name, spoke. It was really good. All about the family! Amazing šŸ™‚
Livin the dream out here. I have this bad feeling that as this work is picking up and we are teaching more and more people, Im going to get transferred… I don’t want to leave!
Sister Garrett
Ps I am going to cry. As I was uploading pictures, the computer just deleted all of my pictures from my camera. Every single one. I have a few from my previous memory card but I have no pictures from this transfer. I am going to cry. This is not happening. This is the worst day. I loved those pictures. So basically I have no pictures this time, sorry.


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