Week #16 Two words… Flying Cockroach…

Hello from Jamrock!!!!

So yup basically my worst nightmare has come true here in Jamaica… There are such thing as a flying cockroach…. Oh they are so disgusting… Words can’t even express how much I despise cockroaches…. To top it off Sister Thompson also hates them so we have these two sisters freaking out trying to kill it… Scariest moment of my life hahaha. But poor cockroaches have a huge weakness, as soon as they get on their back, they can’t roll over so they die. Yup. I hate cockroaches.

Anywaysssss, this week started of real rough because appointments kept falling through but by the end of the week it was amazing. Sister Thompson loves finding and walking around to meet new people but I am nervous about doing that. Just not comfortable with it yet, she is teaching me a lot. But we have been doing a lot of parking the van (Americans call it truck) and walking. We have met and talked to sooo many people it has been great. We even met this one kid that knows Brother Humpfrey. Previously Sister Mouritsen and I had been working with Brother Humpfrey about how to share the gospel with a few coworkers. We gave him a Book of Mormon to give his coworkers, which he did (did I mention how amazing Bro. Humpfrey is?). Well we totally tracted into Humpfreys coworker, Junior! It was real great 🙂 We set up a time on Wednesday to meet with him and his girlfriend! I am so excited.

Yea so we have had lots of opportunities to find new people to teach, which we desperately need.

Doreen accepted March 14 as her baptismal date!!!! We are so excited because we have been working with her for 4 months (before I even got here). But she didn’t come to church yesterday… Pray that she will have the desire and the fare to come to church because in the end, that is what she needs.

So I got burned while i was ironing on my upper arm… Don’t ask me how that happened because I have no idea haha… So basically I think its turning into a scar. SWEET.

I also found out that we can put our feet in the water at the beach, we just cant go swimming! I TOUCHED THE JAMAICAN OCEAN AND ITS AMAZING!

Life here is great. I hope and pray everyone back home is doing great. Keep the Jamaica Kingston Missionaries in your prayers.

Sister Garrett
PS Alma 29. Read it! My favorite versus’s are 9-10


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