Week #15 Whiteeeey

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA! I hope the family floured you… Haha 🙂

This week was a crazy week! We had transfers on Wednesday. It was so good to see all the missionaries that I haven’t seen in a long while. It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Mouritsen because she has become one of my dearest friends, we were friends from the premortal! But I know that she is going to do amazing work in the Bahamas.

My new companion is Sister Thompson from Jamaica! She is always laughing and wanting to have a good time. She is a hard worker and I love that about her. She is from Mandaville, Jamaica (where the church first started) and has only 3 months left on her mission. I am excited to see where this adventure takes us.

There isn’t much to report on this week. It has been a hard week because I have officially taken the lead in this area. Now, when people fall through and cancel on us I have to firgure out what to do next and that is really hard. But, I am trying the best that I can. Sister Thompson is always encouraging whenever things go wrong. We have had a lot of cancellations this week so I have really had to lean on the Lord and his timing as of late.

Funny moment of the week: So Brother Wayne was washing our car (He doesn’t like to see us drive a dirty can so he washes it for us, thank goodness cause I don’t like doing it) when a taxi drives past full of elementary aged children and they yell “HEY WHITE PEOPLE WELCOME TO JAMAICA!!!” Then a little ways off they say it again to us. It was funny. Gotta love Jamaicans.

Good news of the week: I GOT INTO BYU-PROVO!!!!! It’s good to know my life has some direction haha! I can’t wait to go there because a lot of my mission family will be going to school there 🙂

I have decided that getting hand written letters is probably my favorite thing! Thanks Aunt Cheryl for my package 🙂 The letters and the candy made my day!

Hope all is well. Don’t forget to pray and read your scriptures today.

Sister Garrett

1) Sister Williams is finally here! She is from Aubern stake 🙂 We hugged when she first walked into transfer meeting and she was like oh my gosh Im going to cry! She is going to have an amazing mission. Jamaica Kingston Mission is the best mission out there haha 😉


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