Week #13 An Unexpected Unexplainable Spiritual Experience

Wa’guan Family and Friends,


Second, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Crazy that its 2015 already. What is life now? I have a “black out year” where I spend a whole year from January-December on the mission. Like for example, Sister Mouritsen came out in April and goes home in October. I have a black out year which is weird… Haha New Years was great because no one was out, everyone was home sleeping! The streets weren’t busy and taxis weren’t being annoying! It was a great day. My gift to Jesus this year is to finish the New Testament (I am in 1st Corinthians) and to read the rest of the standard works; The Book of Mormon, Old Testament, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. Its going to be a good year!

On Friday the funniest thing happened. So we had called a referral and set an appointment for us to meet with her at the church. So we meet up with her, get to know her a little like how she found out about the church. She found out about the church because she was watching TV and a show came on about the church and thats how she got the number. But she kept saying that she doesn’t know how she actually got the number (which were some elders in Kingstons number). Totally the Holy Ghost. So we were about to start the lesson when she was all like actually the Elders in Kingston said that you could give a prayer on my house because I just feel like my house has Satans presence. She went on to say that she charterred a taxi (she paid for the taxi to only take who she wanted instead of picking people up on the way) and asked if we could go now. We were taken back and were like uhhhh okay… The Holy Ghost didn’t tell us not to go so we went. We got into this random Taxi and started driving. She lives FAR away from where we were. Our area is huge so it was still in our area but it was so far away. And we get to her house and actually teach a Restoration lesson which she totally believed that there should be a modern day prophet on the Earth! YES! It was a great lesson. Then I gave a prayer on the house… Still it was weird cause its not like I have the Priesthood or anything… But oh well… Yea we said the prayer and then left with her back in the Taxi and drove all the way back to Ocho Rios. Lets just say its a good thing our plans for the rest of the day fell through because we wouldnt have been able to see anyone because of this experience. It was funny because she had her grandson Junior with her when we were there and she was all like “Junior pull up you pants right now” like 20 times because he was sagging, she also told the taxi driver to turn off the music because we were Christian, it was just so unexpected and so weird hahaha. Sister Mouritsen and I just kept looking at eachother and asking each other what was happening. We had no idea. Then she came to church on Sunday and bore her testimony on how she knew that this church was the true church! She said that after one Restoration lesson and a prayer. Crazy, she is so elect!

On Saturday, we had a BAPTISM! Crystal (9 years old), Waynes daughter, got baptized! It was cool becuase back home when London was taking her last steps towards eternal life, Crystal was taking her first. It was a great day for a baptism. Wayne baptized her three times… The first time, she totally freaked out and when Wayne was putting her back, she wouldn’t go under. Then the second time her foot went out of the water and then finally the third time it worked! She was so cute. I asked her how she felt afterwards and she was all like I feel G-O-O-D (spelling it out)! It was funny. Shes so cute! The Elders also had a baptism with us. Two in one day. The is really progressing. The place where the baptism was absolutely GORGEOUS! Ill show you pictures. We can’t do it at the Hardy’s pool (the management said so) so we found a gorgeous river to do it at. It was so pretty. Breathtaking! I LOVE JAMAICA! I might have to send pics next week because the computer is being so slow!

Basically that was all this week. We had a lot of people cancel, but what else is new? Haha

So missionaries love letters! So if you have free time, write me 🙂
Jamaica Kingston Mission
4 Garelli Ave
Kingston 10
Jamaica WI

Thank you Sister Taylor for your gift! I loved it. That was a great present for Christmas. Thanks for thinking of me 🙂

Sister Garrett


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