Lets just say that Jamaicans have a very different Christmas than Americans. Everyone goes out on Christmas Eve. Ocho Rios is known throughout the Country for the biggest parties. There is something called Grand Market where everyone goes. Basically its like a flea market with clothes and random things to buy. Also there is lots of food like jerk pork and jerk chicken sold. Basically everyone in Jamaica is there during that time. We decided to walk down Grand Market to find some dinner but we got super stressed with all the people that were there so we decided to go to one of our favorite spots, Island Grill, instead of trying something new.

On Christmas I got to talk to my familyyyyyy πŸ™‚ That was the best gift anyone could EVER ask for. I am so grateful to talk to them. Totally teared up when I first saw they and I know mom cried when we said goodbye. I have gained such a strong testimony of eternal families. We have the chance to live with our families FOREVER as long as we are keeping the commandments. I would be devastated if one of my immediate or extended family members weren’t in the Celestial Kingdom. Just thinking about that makes me cry. Let us all commit to doing our best, repenting when needed and enduring to the end so that we can all live together in the Celestial Kingdom. But I love my family! It was good to see David, Chase, Mom, Dad, Grandpa. Kelsee, Aunt Kayla and Uncle Barry πŸ™‚ YAY! Man I love families….

We had a lot of people cancel on Christmas becuase well its Christmas. But we got to have dinner with the Elders, the Hardy’s (senior couple) and a member family Rohan/Tracy Francis and their kids. Christmas dinner was unbelievably amazing. Rohan makes THE BEST fried chicken I have ever eaten. I kept telling him that and he was all like "Really? You think so? Because this isn’t the best I have ever made. I messed up this time, Ill have to make it for you guys again some other time"… WHAT? All I know is that it was delicious. We had fried chicken, rice and peas, escoish fish (gross), veggies (which were SO SPICY becuase they used scoth bonnet a super spicy pepper. One of the spiciest things that I have ever eaten), Potato Salad, a weird drink that tasted like chocolate milk but was really carrot juice and malta or something weird, and then sister hardy’s homemade rolls, pumpkin cookies πŸ™‚ IT WAS SO GOOD! I am obsessed with Jamaican food. I don’t know what I am going to do when I go home. Oh except some of the Jamaican food is weird… We had goat head soup on Sunday… Disgusting… It was left over from the Christmas party so I didn’t eat it. So gross.

We had the branch Christmas party and there were so many problems.
1) The power was out the whole time so we had to use flashlights and phones
2) The food was 1.5 hours late. Jamaican standard time. You thought mormon standard time was bad…
3) There were more investigators show up then members… Thats how it goes in Ochi
But it was fun πŸ™‚ The food was AMAZING! Jerk pork, jerk chicken, curry goat, rice and peas, funeral potatoes (thanks to sis hardy), potatoe salad, fried chicken and salad. SO GOOD.

Basically it was a great Christmas week πŸ™‚ Oh and I guess my family met my companions family because they were at one of my childhood friends farewell talk… SO WEIRD…

Loving life!

Sister Garrett

1) Nametags in the beach
2) CTR
3) Basically Im going to miss this district. The worst thing ever happened. They split our district so that we arent going to Port Antonio anymore… Sister Mouritsen and I were and still are the only sisters in our district (the other girls were the sister training leaders on trade offs with us). Far left, Elder Cox, Elder Jones, Elder Rammell, Elder Wilkenson (ordering), Elder Henderson (Wildenson and Henderson are zone leaders), Elder Hardy, At the Table from the right Sister Thompson, Sister Thompson, me, Sister Wilkenson, Sister Mouriten. Not pictured Elders Lewis (jr), Elder Lewis (sr) and Elder Grosbek. I have truly grown to love this district. We were really close. We are all so sad we got changed. Thank goodness they are still in our zone! We were at my favorite cookshop in this picture. Oh man that cook shop is AMAZING. Its in Port Antonio so I wont go there anymore… So sad… 😦 But yea Ill miss my old district. Now we are all alone with the ochi elders and the senior couple…


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