Week #11 Have a very rainy Christmas


WA’GUAN family?!?

Happy birthday to my wonder faddah (father). LOVE YOU DAD.

The rain this week was INSANE. I have never seen rain come down so hard for so long. On Tuesday the roads were flooded, the puddles were lakes and the stairs were waterfalls. We had to hike up to see Sister Robinson and we felt like we were hiking up a huge waterfall. It was so much fun though. We got so wet that day that we had to go home and change… We were soaking wet and cold. It was fun though 🙂

We saw Lenny this week. We havent seen him in a week and a half because he has been sick. But we got him to accept a baptismal date for January 10! As of right now we have four people getting baptized on January 10.

We had trade-offs this week and it was so great to be with Sister Wilkenson for 24 hours. She served here in Ochi as her first area and she showed me places that I had no idea existed like yummy food places. She also showed me some former investigators that she wants us to try and teach again. It was just so great to have her teach me so many things.

Well there is a lot more to write but Ill just wait until WE SKYPE!!!!! Three days until we SKYPEEEE!!!! So excited.

Sister Garrett

1) HIking up the “waterfalls”
2) More Hiking


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