Week #10 Zone Conference/Christmas Party

Wa’guan errryone,

Shoutout to my DAD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD GUY! Hahaha. Man wish I could be there to make chocolate dipped strawberries, nuts and all other chocolate dipped goodies. Guess I will just make a ton when I get home to make up for missing two birthdays and a Fathers day! Happy happy birthday.

So THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AMAZING! Mainly because it was the Zone Conference and Christmas party! Elder and Sister Martinez came and taught us some very spiritual things and emphasized how important planning is. Planning with a vision is everything. We also got to hear from President Brown and I always learn so much from him. I swear I have the best mission president in the world. Such a great man. Sister Brown couldn’t be there because she is literally about to have her baby. Little Jarom is coming into this world so soon! Pray that she doesn’t get chicvi and that both mama and baby stay healthy. The mission is so excited to welcome this baby into the world. The Christmas party was so much fun! We ate so much good Jamaican food. Rice and peas, bbq chicken, beef, and so much more it was just so delicious! Then we had a program and guess who Sister Whitehead (a senior couple missionary) asked to do a song? Sister Mouritsen and I. We practice so hard for weeks because I was so nervous. We ended up doing two primary songs, when Joseph Went To Bethlehem and Picture a Christmas. It was kind of a mini sing along! It was great. Then we had PRESENTS! Oh how I love my wonderful mother. She sent so many amazing things. Mom, I literally almost cried when I saw that you sent toffee. Seriously. Its funny the things that mean a lot to a person during the holidays. I didn’t think toffee meant as much as it did. When I saw it in the stoking I definently teared up a little bit. Thank you for that! It was so good. My the Rocklin 4th Ward YW also sent a huge paper christmas tree that they all signed and decorated. Everyone was so impressed with that, especially President Brown (who took a picture of it) and the Senior missionaries. President Brown also loved the Plan of Salvation puzzle. That thing is a HIT with the kids. On Sunday I took it to church and the Kids LOVED playing with it. Thanks for all the necklaces and jewlery! Beautiful. Oh mom I love the planner you got me but did you realize that it is just 2014 and not 2015? Haha thats okay. I still love it 🙂 Oh and I am loving the presents each day thing! I open it right after I pray every morning! I LOVE IT! Thanks for everything mom. You seriously thought of EVERYTHING that I could have possibly wanted. I sure do love you.

Thursday was great. We really worked hard and invited one of our members 9 year old daughter to be baptized and she accepted! So great 🙂

KIMOYA GOT THE HOLY GHOST! Man FINALLY. I swear that has been on our minds constatntly, every Sunday. We decided to drive all the way to Rio Bueno (over an hour away) and find her and talk to her. We told her we were coming and she was nervous because of her family. We told her that if she fasted her families hearts would be softened. We asked this woman if she knew a girl named Kimoya Butler who goes to Ocho Rios High School. She didn’t know at first until we said which high school she went to. She was like oh yea thats Glorias granddaughter. She said to go to the square and ask anyone there for Glorias daughter. So we did and we found this cool Rasta guy who knew her and took us to her house. A rasta guy answered our prayers. Ya mon. Life. Anyway, it was an adventure to find where she lived! But we went and Elder Hardy interviewed her (Pres Brown wanted him to because it had been so long inbetween baptism and confirmation) and we met her family and two little neices loved us haha. We shard the Christmas Orange story (thanks mom) and they thought the pictures were beautiful. Then we went back to Ochi. On Sunday SHE CAME! She was late but she came. And guess who came with her? Her sister, nephew and two neices! It was such a great sight to see them walk in and to see Kimoya get confirmed. I sure do love her. She has influenced my life in more ways than I can say.

This week has just been so amazing. I just LOVE being a missionary.

Sistah Garrett

1) President Brown, the best!
2) Us with the Martinez’s


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