Week #9 Ringworm

phanas-phodiWa’hopn (whats happenin),ITS BEEN TWO MONTHS! Today’s my missionary birthday. Two months out, how crazy is that?

Another crazy week this week. Nothing too much happened though. Well I had a ringworm scare this week. I mean because chicvi just wasn’t enough. Basically a part of my arm started itching really badly and it turned into a circle thing and basically everyone here was saying how it was ringworm. I had two spots that were ringworm. But thankfully to the many prayers, I went to the doctors and it was basically gone so they couldnt tell me if it was ringworm or not. Its all gone!

I LOVE JAMAICANS. The style here is SO FUNNY. They will wear the exact same color on top and bottom. Like one guy we have talked to wore a white hat, white shirt, white pants, white socks and white shoes. It’s so normal here but it is just so funny!

So I DESPISE taxis. Basically they don’t care about anyone else on the road and only want to get to where they are going. They go waaaay above the speed limit and cut in and out of cars to the point that even if there is an oncoming car, they will somehow get around us and not get hit. Its like WHAT DID THAT DO FOR THEM? They got around one car. Its just so scary hahaha. Oh well. Taxis man…

Wanna hear the worst excuse of all time to not meet with us? People seriously will tell us “The rain is falling I can’t come to church”… “The rain is falling we cant meet today”.. One guy told sister mo “If you can make it through the rain, you can come”. Its like what? Your not coming to church because its raining? They really believe that if their heads get wet they are going to get sick and die. I am tired of “But the rain is falling” excuse… Haha

One of our favorite Less Actives is FINALLY BACK FROM CANADA! He went to Canada for vacation and he is finally back 🙂 We have missed Courtney so much! We talked about how Canada was and all that Jazz and we taught the Plan of Salvation. He gave us Mangos and Breadfruit.

BREADFRUIT IS AMAZING SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD! You roast and then fry the breadfruit and it is amazing. Man I cant get enough of it! So delicious!

Another week in paradise,
Sister Garrett


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