Week #8 When it rains it pours.


On Thursday to celebrate we had Juciey Patties (a traditional Jamaican resteraunt that we eat at all the time). So yummy!

On Friday (not Thursday because of institute) the senior couple in my area made the elders and us Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, carmalled apples/yams, green beans, pie, and the best rolls I have ever had! Sister Hardy is such an amazing cook! I sure do love the Hardy’s and all that they do for us. Its like have grandparents close by. The food was delicious. I ate SO MUCH. I miss American food sometimes haha

So nothing huge has happened this week… Things with the Bell family basically went really weird. She calls us asking for food like usual and we tell her that we cant and she basically cries and yells at us calling us liars when we said we would help but we aren’t, it was just weird. Pretty much we realized that she was totally using us. A lot of Jamaicans think that just because we are white we have money$$$$. Oh how that is not true. So it just went weird and we went and visited her, well tried to at least and the family said that she had gone to Steer Town but wouldnt tell us why. We are pretty sure she was in the house. It was just so weird. We are dropping her. This all happened on Tuesday and Wednesday was Zone Meeting so we decided to fast to know what to do because we were crying and just were lost at do we give her food or not? So we went to zone meeting and got so many answers. Fasting works miracles.

We had a WONDERFUL lesson with Lenny about the Restoration. He really accepted it and wants to be baptized! How exciting. We sure do love him.

So yea nothing too exciting happened. Its absolutely pouring right now. It has also been really windy. It hasnt been this windy since I got here so maybe there is a hurricane coming or something. Who knows!

Hope all is well back home!
Sister Garrett


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