Week #7 Little Nephi

Hey everyone 🙂

So I cant believe that it is already another p-day. I feel like it was yesterday that it was p-day. The weeks FLY by on a mission. Before I know it I will be home and that is just weird and uncomfortable to think about haha.

Last pday was probably the most fun pday I have had yet on the mission! We went down and went shopping at all the tourist shops while eating an ice cream cone. I miss ice cream so it was so yummy to be able to get some for once haha. We also went to the beach and took some pictures. This particular beach is the beach where the cruise ships dock so all the tourists are there. I havent seen so many white people since I got here and it was so weird. Sister Mouritsen and I were kind of stressing out haha. All I have to say is that compared to the Jamaicans, these tourists were mean. In Jamaica everyone says good morning, good afternoon and good night to everyone and everyone says it back. Even in church you say good morning over the pulpit and then everyone says good morning back, kind of like the aloha in Hawaii. Its great! So we would try to talk to tourists and they wouldnt say anything to us. So good morning, barley a grunt of hello. Bleh. I didn’t like that haha. So it was a great p-day. Sister Mo and I actually ended up matching that day to by accident. Cheveron skirts and black toms. It was a good "day off". We also made festivals which is basically one of my favorite Jamaican foods. Ill make it when I go home. Its basically deep fried cornbread. Kind of. Idk its hard to explain haha.

RASTAFARIANS ARE WEIRD! We went to visit Brother Wayne and one of his friends, kevin, was there and we were like sweet a new investigator. That discussion was over an hour of basically him talking. So rastafarian is actually a religon of sorts. This guys was kind of a rasta and kind of not. He believed that Jesus was a woman, that Adam and Eve kind of just appeard out of nothing, that all religon came from Africa, Mormons are "scary", there is a pyramid in Africa that has all the answers to religious questions, that our soul will go in to nature when we die/rencarnation, that humans are made up of the four elements earth wind water and fire, that black people are "children of fire" made up from the fire element because they dont burn and that basically black people are better than any other race. Don’t get me wrong I love black people, obviously but we are all equal. It was just such a weird conversation/argumentish. We would try to say something but then he would cut us of. So basically I just had to use a firmer voice and bear my testimony and then said that we had another appointment… Bleh I didnt like it. Even Brother Wayne was getting frustrated. He would say something like "Just like Nephi told his brethern, you are stiffnecked and hard hearted". Go Brother Wayne! Love that man.

We had district meeting this week! I love district meeting, especially when the zone leaders, AP’s and President Brown all come. They were doing some crazy exchange thing and so we had a bunch of the leaders there haha. We learned about how to address a persons real concern. Rather than just assuming that we know it. It was a very important lesson. I got chastized by the Spirit and now I know that I need to plan better haha. That day we had interviews with the president! I sure do love that man. Seriously, I have the best mission president! He called me his Little Nephi for getting chicvi, being strong and still being in Jamaica instead of giving up. He also said that one time during the sisters conference a while ago I was saying something (he didnt tell me what I said) but he said that he leaned over to sister brown and said that I was a strong missionary. How cool is that? It gives me faith that with God being on this mission I can push through. I can be a good missionary. We talked about D&C 31:3-5 and how if I am obeying all the rules of the mission the day that I walk out of the stake presidents office without my badge on, my sins will be forgiven me. How great is that? Gotta love the Atonement!

I just love being on my mission. I love it so much. I cannot deny that this is the true church. It makes me so sad when we have to drop investigators or when people become less active. Please pray for Kimoya because she hasnt gotten the Holy Ghost yet and it has been almost 2 weeks since her baptism. Satan really doesnt want her coming to church and hasnt been able to come. Please keep her in your prayers.

Alma 29 is basically one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Wish I could eat all that yummy food. Think of me eating rice over in this mosquito infested country haha!

Just lovin life!

1) Last p-day on the beach with our matching outfits haha! GORGEOUS!
2) I LOVE THE BEACH. It’s basically my happy place.

Sister Garrett


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